The classic brain snatching story

“On the off-chance we ever figure out how to get out of here, he's going to carve out our brains and stick them jars to stop us doing it!”
You could have heard a pin drop in the silence that followed
Fap fap fap...
<end snip>

Chased off by the people he assumed were “prudes”, Justin made his way back to the dining room where he looked for Legion. At first he wasn't anywhere to be seen, but then a humming noise announced the gestalt entity's arrival in a cloud of sparkly particles.
“I did what you said man, where's my orgasms? I've been trying but it's not working.”
“In time, please be patient.” Legion said.
“Be patient?” Justin lunged forwards and tried to grab the man's lycra-covered shoulders. “I just blew up our ship. Everyone thinks I did it, and they hate me!” He said. “More than usual.” He added.

Justin then noticed what Legion had in his hand. It was a machine with a spinning blade attached to what looked like a small vacuum cleaner. “What's that?”
Legion quickly put it behind his back.
Justin's eyes squinted. “I heard some bad things about you. Phil said you've got been keeping brains in jars?”
Legion was quiet for a moment, and then decided to confess. “I'm a gestalt entity, I need other conscious beings around me to live. I was doing research to keep myself alive. That's why I need you all here, if you leave I won't exist.”
“But where did the brains come from?”
“There was a ship called the S.S Biryani. All the crew died of natural causes, I was able to extract their brains but it didn't work, they were already too far decayed.”
“Yeah, well you can stay away from my brain dude, and anyone else's too. I'm not helping you any more! It#'s getting too weird.”
“What about our agreement?” Legion said.
Justin gripped his floppy holographic cock. “It's not worth it.”
“Oh but it is!” Legion said. “Remember that I am you, I am all of you. I know how much this means to you. If you do just one more thing for me I'll give you what you want.”

Justin felt himself getting angry with himself. “Alright. What do you want?”

Legion removed the dangerous-looking handheld contraption from behind his back. “While you were all in the hangerbay I took the opportunity to teleport over to your ship and take a look at the crewmembers in stasis. They have such good brains.”
“What? You're kidding me?” Justin said. “I'm not letting you have their brains!”
“I also scanned your ship.” Legion continued. “The main core is no longer powerful enough to sustain life support for that many people, so they will have to remain in stasis forever. What kind of life is that?”
“What are you asking me to do?”
“The stasis chamber is protected by a high-frequency null field. If you give me the code I can teleport some crewmembers out, and then...” He activated the hand-saw which buzzed.
“You'll cut out their brains? Why not just keep them alive?”
“Human bodies grow old and die. But a brain will live forever!”
“No way man. I'm not letting you butcher some innocent person.”
“Would you rather I kill one of your friends?” Legion pointed to the direction of the hanger bay. “If I do this I can let you all go. And I live forever. We all win.”
“Apart from the poor smegger in stasis whose brain you cut out.”
“They'll love forever too. Within me!”
“Hmm...” Justin thought about it. “Who's brain do you want?”
“I liked the look of your Captain Amber.” Legion said.
“No, absolutely not. Nobody hot, I might still have a chance.” Justin said, believing this was his only motivation to live, although it was extremely slim.

Justin thought for a full minute. “Okay we've got a deal. But I don't have the information right now. I can find it though by using Cass's PsiScanner.

He left Legion to find the others. He saw Jay and Cass heading for the Cyberpark like everyone else. He approached her and pointed to the PsiScanner attached to her belt. “You don't need that in there do you? Let me hold it for safe keeping.”

<Tag Cass, will she give it to him? Will anyone guess what he's up to? How can they foil his plan? What is everyone doing in the Cyberpark?>

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