Introduction and more

When: 200 years earlier

Given yawned and stared at the massive wall in front of him. He did this not out of feeling tired, he never felt tired, but rather as a means of taking a break from the monolithic task he had spent the last few days working on.

He had long ago decided that telling his story would be of great importance for future humanity. He had started to simply write it out, but then realized that the humans he knew when humanity was around could barely read anyway. Thus he had decided to draw the entire thing out in massive pictographs with detailed written instructions on how to read it. He figured if he was going to do it he would do it all the way and make it as mind bogglingly complicated as possible.

He had just finished drawing the quantum entanglement that had both ended his life and prevented him from ever dying. A dizzying concept that he had no idea how to draw, so rather there was a massive asterisk there with a brief explanation underneath it explaining the concept. When that didn't work he decided that an asterisk was perhaps the best way of showing what a quantum entanglement would be in pictograph form and didn't care enough to continue trying to explain.

The story of his life thus far already took up one entire wall of the relatively small cargo bay. He had decided to start in one of the smaller cargo bays to give himself a good guess at how much space the entire project would take up on the cargo bay walls. He had managed to reduce the events of one year into a space roughly 3' by 3' with important events taking up space roughly 5' by 4'. This meant that the entire project of telling the story of his 2.5 million year life would take up far more space than was on the entire ship. This did not discourage him to much as he found it hard to care about the finished product when he was so far from finishing. He figured he could skip the boring bits, 2.5 million years of life had a lot of boring bits.

Part of him wished that the rats still regarded him as a god, then he could make them do it, but now every time he saw one of those morons they stuck their fingers in their ears and pretended he didn't exist. It's bad enough living forever, but when the only sentient life you ever run into thinks you don't exist, well that just makes it that little bit worse that a normal person would simply go insane.

Given was not a normal person, though he had tried to go insane once. He found that for some stupid reason after the incident that gave him immortality he was no longer able to grow and change. This would have bothered him, but he didn't really see anything wrong with the way he was. He had wanted to go crazy only as a way to pass the time, when that failed he found another way to pass the time.

His current two favorite activities were trying to grow fungus that would one day become sentient so he could be god of something again and drawing out his life story on the cargo bay walls (but we already went into that didn't we).

He sighed and looked at the wall again. It would take him at least couple hundred to finish, but he did have plenty of time.

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