where is everyone

Tomas paced along the corridor from the biodomes ,a lone buttercup in his hand.he look at it then crushed it ,stamped on it and spat on it.
"stupid... primitive... wont even talk to me.....probably jealous of my glossy leaves ....yeah that makes sense... hmmmmfff"
He started to practice whistling when he heard a whirring noise at his rear. Abruptly he stopped and spun round to face (and probably harm)the source of the noise behind him.
"J.A.I what have i said about you following me"
"Awfully sorry but you are leaving a trail of leaves behind you and i get all nervous and twitchy when i don't clean something"
"Interesting it seems our last bout of sessions didn't cure your OCD perhaps a few more are needed"
J.A.I's circuits shuddered and he quickly backtracked"well i'm not that bothered about the leaves so i'm just going to go now and-"
"what are going to to run away to daddy and mummy and the rest of the crew that adore you ,what for i have never quite comprehended"
"oh, you don't know do you"
"know what"!
Tomas picked up J.A.I and shook him
"Exactly WHAT"!!!!
J.A.I remained incredibly calm and replied
"The crew are all gone
and their thoughts for you are none
I'm no good at poetry under pressure
soooo i am just going to say
They went to the planet we are orbiting to get supplies"
A shocked expression crossed Tomas's face then it was replaced with a sly smile
"tut tut tut,if they had just asked me i would have been able to to them that enarim live on that planet ooooooh yeeeeeeeeees this is going to be fun J.A.I here is your chance to prove you have broken the bond of your obsessive cleaning"
"your going to come with me to catch up with starbug , meet me at the blue midget in ten "
"okay sir right away sir"
"oh and J.A.I"
"Bring the bazookoids we are going to be heroes"
"can I inform you that the team left in the starbug which was full armed with neutron guns and bazookoi-"
"i dont want to hear your ramblings just get the bazookoids and get your circuitry to blue midget in ten minutes i repeat we are going to be heroes"

<so hopefully tomas can join in the adventure on the enarim planet>
<i have no idea of J.A.I 's character so i apologise if he's too submissive but i thought it would be cool for me to add a relationship between tomas and another character to add depth to tomas>

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