OOC - Social media

Hey guys, as we've got a few new members it might be worth reminding you all that you can follow Blue Dwarf in various ways:

On Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/bluedwarf

On Twitter here: https://twitter.com/#!/jmcbluedwarf

Or subscribe to the feed here: http://www.ongoingworlds.com/games/270/feed (does anyone do this anymore?)

Also I just want to let you know that I'd live it if everyone took part in the First Person Fortnight competition starting the 8th of July, there's more about it here: http://ongoingworlds.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/announcing-the-first-person-fortnight-competition/

And after that I'll be announcing another competition for OngoingWorlds members to create a drawing/painting that represents their game, I'll let you know more about it closer to the time but just wanted to prepare you now so that you can start thinking of something. It'd be great if BD could be represented well in the competition :-)

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