Where: Starbug
There was something there - a weird shadow coalescing in the centre of the room... Something...
"Wha...?" Cass frowned in confusion, trying hard to focus on whatever it was, but the blackness claimed her with a roaring howl that grew to drown everything out as her consciousness faded
<end snip>

Seymour knew something wasn't right with Cassandra when she started getting woozy, when her nose started to bleed he assumed it was some drink-related problem and stayed well clear in case she vomited. He pushed himself backwards in his wheelchair, unknowingly running over Alex's foot in the cramped Starbug and making him yell in pain.

It was a thick black cloud that had somehow appeared. “That's strange” Seymour said “Heavy cloud wasn't forecast today”.
The cloud was surrounding Cass, who had now fallen onto the floor. It was hard to see in the darkness, but just before it all disappeared, Seymour swore he could see a figure bending down and wrapping two long scaly arms around the ex-stripper. Then the cloud was gone.

People in the Starbug screamed in panic, and started to move away from the area of abduction. From the cockpit, Jay called for everyone to calm down.
“You wouldn't be saying that if you knew what happened, old chap.” Seymour said. “Something just took Ms Jones.”
“Cass?” Jay yelped in surprise and looked around for her, initially thinking it was some sort of sick joke. Seymour wheeled himself after him. “I'm afraid so. At a guess it's one of the Enirams, I never did trust those sneaky rapscallions.”

Before Jay could give the order to increase speed to the water planet, two more black clouds were starting to appear, this time around Alex and Phil. Black figures in the clouds grabbed them both around the waist and then disappeared. It wasn't long before the same thing happened with Jay, Justin and Davie, and then soon there wasn't anyone left apart from Seymour who was pushing himself around in his wheelchair between the smoke clouds shouting at everyone to come back.

Pushing himself into the cockpit Seymour realised someone needed to take control, but before he could pull himself out of his wheelchair and into the pilot's seat a dark cloud enveloped him.

After a few moments of darkness, the cloud dispated and Seymour felt around with his hands. He still had his wheelchair which was a benefit. As his eyes adjusted to the increasingly bright light he saw clouds on a nice sunny day and heard the sound of the ocean lapping up against something. Then a figure entered his field of vision, it had a fishy face, a large round mouth and narrow spiky teeth, and gills where it's ears should be.
Seymour screamed and tried to push himself backwards as the creature reached out with bony fingers.
“Oh sorry.” The creature then said and withdrew its hand. “I didn't mean to startle you.”
“Err...” Seymour didn't know what to say. “You're an Eniram aren't you?”
The fishy creature nodded. “Did you think I was going to hurt you?”
“Actually... yes...” Seymour said.
The Eniram nodded. “My people have a reputation for violence, but actually some of us are quite intelligent you know, now where are my glasses?” The creature picked up his glasses from a nearby bench and put them on, instantly not looking as scary.
“What were those creatures that brought us here?”
“Oh, we call them the Glompers, they're our slaves.”
“Slaves?” Seymour said sceptically.
“Yes of course. You have slaves too don't you? Those other people you were with?”
“They weren't slaves, they were the crew!”
“Oh, then this...” He pointed to the wheelchair. “...isn't a symbol of power?”
“No, it's because I don't have any legs.”
“Oh, there's been a terrible misunderstanding.” Said the creature. “I thought you were their leader.”
Seymour looked at the ground. “Not really, I want to be, but I think they prefer the other guy. They only listen to him.”
“We thought you were someone else.” Said the Eniram.
“You didn't think I was Stephen hawking did you, just because of the wheelchair?”
The Eniram bit his lip, “Yes, sorry. We could really do with a scientist. We're on an excavation mission.”
The Eniram walked away, and a creature behind Seymour started to push his wheelchair to follow. Seymour turned to see one of the black 'Glomper' creatures, permanently surrounded in dark cloud. Looking around him, Seymour realised he was on a boat floating on the ocean. The boat was huge and shaped like a doughnut, a ring with a hole in the middle. Across the hole was a large crane, with a winch leading into the ocean. In the distance, Seymour could hear someone regularly shouting “Pull!” and the winch moved a little bit more.

“What's going on here?” Seymour asked.
“An excavation. We found some ancient technology at the bottom of the ocean, so we're retrieving it.”
“How ancient? Because 3 million years doesn't feel that long ago to me...” Seymour said, letting his voice trail off as he couldn't be bothered to explain why.
The Eniram thought for a moment, then looked at him. “Sorry, but if you're not the leader you should be with the others.”
“Other who?”
“The slaves.” The Eniram said, and spoke in a different language to the Glomper behind him, who wrapped its arms around him and Seymour vanished into blackness again, appearing a few moments later in a small pit with the other Blue Dwarf crewmembers. They were all pulling on a large metal chain, and being whipped by an Eniram in thick armour that seemed to be made out of Whale bones.
“Get to work!” The guard ordered.
“If you haven't noticed, I'm disabled!” Said Seymour, then whispered to Jay. They've found something under the ocean, something ancient.”
“And heavy.” Said Jay, still pulling.
“Have you got a plan to escape?”

Some commotion could be heard elsewhere on the floating platform. Whatever it was they were pulling up out of the ocean was crowning on the surface. Every Eniram rushed to the inner fence of the doughnut to watch it being hoisted out of the water.

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