OOC - Plans an' Schemes

"OOC – I wasn't quite sure what this cliffhanger was leading towards, do you have a plan Alex?"
β€œErm, I say... mysterious voice... Did you say disciples?”
<end snip>)

Not really, nothing solid ;) ... Just meant that I imagine Seymour would hate to be a disciple and not a god, heh heh!
And it seems from some of the other posts that Jay might be right and it's not going to be as brilliant and as simple as Phil reckons. I don't think the chamber is necessarily going to be a particularly good place...
(So p'r'aps the fact that the rest of the group are "disciples" is also something dark. D'nno.)

Or... maybe everything there is going to be ju-ust peachy and they'll get their much needed rest. (Or at least start to, before something else goes and lands them up that certain creek...)

Or perhaps Phil and Jay will go power crazy, ordering their disciples around (possibly influenced out of character by the "weirdness" Alex keeps noticing) and in this place have the back up to enforce it. Poor Seymour, having to fetch Phil grapes...

Maybe the weird stuff that Alex is noticing is just in his currently drug muddled mind. Though... I... don't think so... But it is possible.

Sorry, that wasn't a very straight answer, was it?

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