Whale flattened Pancake

Black figures in the clouds grabbed them both around the waist and then disappeared. It wasn't long before the same thing happened with Jay, Justin and Davie
<end snip>

Justl ike everyone else, Justin was grabbed (maybe Glomped?) and taken to the floating platform. Unlike everyone else though, he wasn't used like a slave to pull up the artifact. His light-bee was scanned, and due to his extremely high sex-drive, he was beamed straight to the platform's brothel.

Justin rolled over onto his back as the fishy woman next to him stroked his chest with a cold, scaly hand. “Oh Hologram, you are so good at that!”
Fishy lips kissed his chest, and Justin cringed. On his face was a permanent look of disgust. “Listen... are you... are you sure you're a woman?” He asked, and she pulled away from him.
“Err... well being a fish, the lines are a bit... blurred.” Said the fishy creature. “Like a seahorse, does it matter who squirts what into who, as long as someone gives birth to the babies?”
“Right that's it.” Justin said, getting out of the bed and almost being sick. A guard in the corner of the room wearing heavy bone armour took a step towards him, brandishing a whip. “Get back to work!” He said, pointing to the line of other line of expectant Enirams, already lubing themselves up.

“No way!” Justin said. “let me go out there with the others, tugging on a chain is better than having those... things... tugging on my...”
The guard blocked his exit. “We scanned you, and it was clear this is what you do best.”
“Yeah but... this isn't fun for me. I don't have the basic programming to enjoy it. I want to... but I don't. I'm not programmed to.”
The guard shrugged, which was difficult to see under all the armour.
“Let me go and find the hacker station, a guy called Legion told me about it. All I need to do is go there, find the program that allows me to orgasm, them come back and I'll be happy to bone these women... things... all day long!”
The guard didn't move, after a pause he said “The women prefer you like this. It means you can go all day.”
“Yeah but I'll go out of my smegging mind!”

His next candidate was a chubby Eniram who had all the grace of a killer whale. She leaped on him and giggled as she rode him on the bed. For the first time, Justin regretted being hard light.

Completely bored, Justin looked out of the window where he could see the commotion of the artefact being lifted out of the ocean. It looked like a round doorway with a rippling portal inside. He watched as his other Blue Dwarf crewmates eyed up the portal.

Justin needed to escape, but the whale bouncing around on top of him was a problem. Even the guard in his room was incapable of stomaching the disgusting sex scene that was going on, so was looking in the opposite direction.

Then, Justin started to disappear. He phased out, just like he'd been doing all day. He'd asked Holly in the Starbug what the problem was, and apparently a second Hologram had been created, and Holly didn't have the power to project them both. Justin didn't know why, but he was glad for it right now as his body phased out of existence for a few seconds, to be rebooted a few seconds later. But that was enough time.

“Where he gone?” Asked the chubby Eniram whale and rolled off the bed. Justin reappeared, and used the distraction to run straight through the guard whilst he was still semi-transparent.

He snook up to the Blue Dwarfers just before they started leaping into the portal.

"I hope you are right, but do we really want to go somewhere where are regarded and treated like gods?"
Justin was nodding like a nodding-dog toy in an earthquake at this thought.
<end snip>

He was just glad to be anywhere but here, although he hoped his followers weren't mingers.

The Archivers introduced themselves and showed them the direction of the great chamber. They followed the glowing symbols on the floor until...

“Erm, I say... mysterious voice... Did you say disciples?”
<end snip>

OOC – I wasn't quite sure what this cliffhanger was leading towards, do you have a plan Alex? Whose is this mysterious voice?

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