When: 50 years ago

Given bobbed on the surface of the water and blinked. It had been almost a full hour since the wall of the cargo bay had collapsed and filled the bay roughly 3/4 full of water.

It was a luck coincidence that only seconds before her had finished his project of writing his life story on the walls. He had decided to skip the boring bits, which as it turned out was much of his life anyway.

It was also a lucky coincidence that he had decided to write the entire thing with the hundreds of permanent markers her had once ordered to confuse the captain. It was his fond hope that now, 3 million years later, the massive currently underwater life story of the requisition officer would confuse the Captain.

He had been bobbing in the water for the past hour because after the wall had collapsed he had decided to take a break, he wasn't sure how long it would be, but since he was pushing 2 and a half million already he didn't figure it would matter to much.

He had finished his project and now he had nothing but free time, not that he didn't have free time before, he had simply filled it with his project.

Perhaps he would take a vacation. Perhaps in the years it had taken him to finish the rats had started to worship him again. It would be a good waste of a few thousand years to rule over them and guide their culture.

Deciding that this was in fact the thing to do, he decided to simply drift to the cargo bay wall and swim down to the door and then swim to the promenade. He hoped the promenade had not been flooded; the rats were far more likely to drown than he was. He had tired drowning once, it was rubbish.

Over the next few hours he drifted aimlessly before he finally reached the wall and began his swim. Because of his current state of being he could not drown. He didn't really even need to breath, he just did it because he was used to it.

The trip to the promenade was a long and boring one and we shall skip over most of it. Needless to say it about halfway there Given was able to climb out of the water and walk the rest of the way.

It is interesting to note that while under the water Given was indeed quite wet, but the second he stepped out her was instantly dry again. He never seemed to stay wet. He had rationalized this that because he could not truly change he would mirror the environment around him until it changed, but this was complete smeg because he had also taken numerous space walks without a suit in his long life.

The simple fact of the matter was that his current condition made no sense and for the most part he was just fine with that. He was used to things not making a whole lot of sense; he was after all a requisition officer.

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