To The Chamber

Whitewolf's yelp snapped Alex's attention rigid. “What the?” Until that moment, he hadn't realised the man sized hamster was with them. He gazed around at the group who were chattering excitedly among themselves, then gave a gawping double take as he registered Phi standing next to 'Wolf. She frowned and pulled her coat a little closer about her.
“I thought you two were back on 'Dwarf.”
Whitewolf quirked a rodentine brow. “Oh. Thank you very much.”
“No, really... I-”
Phi shot him a look. “Yes, well to be fair you have been high for most of the trip.” Her words were soaked in disapproval and stung him like a vengeful picnic wasp. There wasn't really much he felt he could say, so he didn't say anything, just stood there looking and feeling stupid. After a moment he stroked a soft looking section of Whitewolf's fur and prodded Phi, just to make sure they were real. Phi jerked from his touch.
“Eugh! And you're generally a very rude man.” The insult sat neatly next to the injury.
Alex watched, bewildered, as she made her way towards the Cass and Jay end of the group.
He added a note to his steadily growing strange things mental file and turned to Davie “There's something really weird going on here, man. Really weird.”
“Isn't there always?”
“Weirder than usual...”

Justin phased into existence behind them.
“Hhhwould you STOP doing that!?” Gomez flapped at him like he might a pesky insect.
“Oh there he is!” Said Jay, with carefully measured cheer. He smiled, perhaps a little too widely “I thought perhaps we'd lost you.”
“You wish.”

Cass smiled at Jay, all smoulder and mischief “Should we bring some of the chain with us?”
Before he could answer, the resonant voice interrupted again.
“Now, if The Returned...” - the voice pronounced it return-ed - “and their disciples...” - Seymour choked - “would like to make their way to the central chamber...”
Efof beamed “I get the feeling this will be fun!”
Davie seemed a little nervous. “How will we know we're headed in the right direction?”
“ … The light will guide you.”
At that, the floor lit with a series of glowing symbols.
“Cahm on then you 'orrible lot. Off we trot.”
The mismatched bunch began trudging into the nearest passageway, their feet scuffing and echoing about the stone.

“So they've been here all along?”
“I told you, yes.”
"Hmm. I wonder what is going on, back on the 'Dwarf."

“Erm, I say... mysterious voice... Did you say disciples?”

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