A timely escape.

Feeling like a right git,Phil grabbed Seymours chair and pushed him forwards
"Your turn to shine oh leader..."
“I hope you are right, but do we really want to go somewhere where are regarded and treated like gods?"
Justin was nodding like a nodding-dog toy in an earthquake at this thought
<End snip>
“Phil…..” Jay said as Phil, still wheeling Seymour forward approached the stargate. “I really don’t think this is a good idea…”
“What?” Phil said “Can’t handle god-hood?”
“Come off it…I was Jesus remember?” Jay scoffed, “It’s just…if we start messing around with time travel, we risk exposing ourselves to the STCP…”
Cass glanced up at Jay, for the first time since she’d known him, he actually looked worried.
Phil looked back at his friend.
“We’ll be fine, trust me.”
“I don’t wanna go back there Phil…I spent 600 years trying to get my life back, I will not be their slave again.”
“I wouldn’t worry about that, they’re more likely to lock you up for eternity”
“Even better.”
“Look, I was on the run from them a lot longer than you have been, and when they DID catch me, I got away……”
“You think it will be that easy next time? You think they’ve not increased their security? Hired new agents JUST to catch us?”
“Sure they have, but the archivers won’t let anything happen to us, we’re their gods!”
“I wish I shared you’re confidence…”
“Would you rather stay here as a slave?”
Jay looked around. 5 Eniram, and he’d seen 8, maybe 9 Bloopers. He had no weapons, his arms were chained together, as were his legs, and…well..the entire group were chained together. Easy. He’d already considered several escape plans, he just needed to make sure everyone was together so that they could all escape together.
He didn’t get a lot of choice though, without waiting for an answer, Phil shoved Seymour into the Stargate where he vanished with a ripple. Phil followed, Justin leapt in eagerly, and Jay felt the chains that bound the group together tighten, until Alex was pulled through, followed by Gomez, then Efof, White Wolf, Phi, Davie and Cass, until finally, he was pulled through himself.
On the other side, the group were getting to their feet, they were in a large room, similar to a church, with a pulpit, intricate carvings and detailed archictecture. Statues around the room depicted various members of the Blue Dwarf crew, often with wings and halos.
Alex was the first to speak, reading from a sign.
“St. FeBuggures Cathedral…”
“The Cry’ler Prophecies?” Cass said, reading the cover of a hardbound book that was nested under one of the pews.
“Their entire religion is based on my log entries” Jay explained. “Phil explained it to me once, they even brought Phil, me and Dean here once to stop ourselves from being assassinated in the past…..see, they found my data recorder back on the Hymenoptera homeworld thousands of years after I died…to them, Phil is their God of War, and I’m his holy prophet. Their images of the rest of the crew are based on what I wrote about them in my log while I was Captain…”
“So your log said, and I quote…” said Cass, flicking to a random page “Pancake did anger the holy prophet, and so unto him vengeance was wrought. The prophets wrath was great, and he did smite Pancake, banishing him unto the eternal pit, never to return.”
“Well..no, they’ve paraphrased a bit. I’d guess that was when I threw him in the brig for being an arse.”
“Which time?” Justin asked from across the room.
“So…” Cass said…”What did you write about me?.....” she began flicking through the book when she was interrupted by a booming voice.
“Welcome, friends. We are honoured to receive you as guests…” The groups chains fell open, and dropped to the floor with a loud clang and an “OW!” as one landed on White Wolfs foot.
“See…” Phil said “What were your worried about…”
“We’ll see Phil…..” Jay replied “We’ll see….”

Elsewhere, elsewhen.
“Hard a’ starboard!” yelled a bearded man with an eyepatch, and a hook for a hand. “Give ‘em all ye got mateys!”
The galleon named Black Seas, that sailed under a skull and crossbones turned sharply to the right, bearing it’s port side cannons toward it’s more formidable opponent, the “HMS Clockwork” At it’s helm, stood “Kay” STCP agent, and several members of the Clockworks crew.
“Blow ‘em outta the water!” Kay ordered, and
The ship was not from this era, but from the distant future, it’s wooden hull, and cloth sails merely a holographic disguise, and at Kay’s order her ships portholes opened, revealing a bank of pulse cannons, that ripped into the pirate galleon, blowing it to pieces.
“Send down a recovery team to find the artefact..…” Kay ordered “What?” she said to a junior enforcer who had just appeared at her side.
“New orders sir…” he said “HQ has found the traitors…….”
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