The last time i saw one that big......

Something was bothering Phil about the artifact as water continued to drop off it. As he re-adjusted his still swollen testicles(from Cass well deserved kick).it finally clicked what it was

"It's a Stargate" he exclaimed quite loudly

There was a chorus of "oh yeah can see that now" and "Whats a Stargate" from Seymour.

A bunch of seaweed fell off and reveled something Phil thought he would never see again.

On one side of the massive device was a symbol that Phil and Jay recognized.

"Is that...?" asked Jay pointing to the symbol

" is..It's the symbol of the Archivers"

"Who are they senior?" piped up Gomez.

"Back in our day there was a futuristic group who thought that we, the BD crew were Gods..Phil was their God of War..I think Cass they thought was their goddess of beauty of something.." (at which point Jay just grinned and Cass blushed)..and Justin was their version of all the others. They were quite advanced technological speaking, but as they based their tech off our reliable"

Phil shuddered at the memories. The Archivers were generally a decent bunch, if a bit misguided.

"But what is that doing here?" Asked Alex, pointing at the Gate, which was now fully clear. A few of the guards were pointing at the gate and gibbering.

A few was looking at the group and making gestures that looked either rude or might cause problems later.

"Look it might not be something of theirs..It could simply take us to them..or away from here.." Jay said looking at Phil's downcast face.

One of the guards was coming back to them now and making gestures again towards Seymour.

Feeling like a right git,Phil grabbed Seymours chair and pushed him forwards

"Your turn to shine oh leader..."

"I hope you are right, but do we really want to go somewhere where are regarded and treated like gods?"

Justin was nodding like a nodding-dog toy in an earthquake at this thought.

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