Doombringer III

"So how come you didn't tell me about Cass?" Katrina asked as she and Jay walked along a corridor together.
"I dunno..." said Jay honestly. "My head's all over the place right now. I'm sorry..."
"No need." said Kat, "You don't owe me an explanation, but, don't you think she deserves to know how you're feeling? She got hurt bad by that doom-whatsit thing earlier, and she's bound to be confused about me coming back, and worried about what it means for the two of you.."
"I don't even know what it means for us...what am I meant to tell her?"
"Jay..." Kay replied "It's obvious you're conflicted over this, anyone can see that Cass means alot to you, heaven knows why...(did you know she once set me adrift in space?) but it's also clear you still have feelings for me...and, well...I guess I still do for you...but..."
"SSsh..." Jay said, suddenly losing interest in the conversation and raising a hand to silence his estranged wife.
"Don't SHUSH me! I..."
"Would you shut up?! ...listen, do you hear that?"
"Hear what....wait...yeah I do what is that?"
The pair continued down the corridor, following the noise which sounded like a large amount of liquid being pumped.
They turned a corner, and were overwhelmed by the stench.
"Urgh..." Katrina screwed up her nose, "What IS that?"
"Dogs milk.." said Jay....
"How do you even know that...?"
"I'll get Phil to tell you one day, needless to say it involved ALOT of alcohol, and a dogs home..."
"Who's that inside..."
"Dunno, but it's obvious she needs help!"
Jay dashed across to the tank, and unhooking his rifle from his back, smashed the butt into the glass shattering it, and sending the dogs milk pouring into the corridor, but not before soaking he and Katrina.
He waded through the knee deep canine lactate and pulled his knife, slicing through the ropes fixing Jelena to the chair and untied her gag.
"You ok?" he asked
She nodded wordlessly, and Jay helped her to her feet.
“Who did this to you?” Katrina asked, holding out her hand to lead her to safety
Jelena shook her head.
“Jay!” came a voice that Chrysler hadn't heard in over six centuries. Jay stopped where he stood, and began to turn slowly.
“Jay, no!” Katrina shouted “It's not really her!”
Jay wasn't listening. He brought himself around to face his sister, Vanessa.
“Three times Jay...” she said “Three times you let me big brother is supposed to keep me safe!”
“'Ness, I...”
“JAY” yelled Katrina
“ let our own brother shoot me dead!”
“...I tried..”
“....then, you watched as my holo-file corrupted!”
“I...I couldn't.....”
“Then, after I was cloned, you did nothing to stop the 'bugs killing me, Jayne and your own damn wife!”
Vanessa lunged forward and grabbed Jay by the throat and squeezed tightly.
“I'm going to enjoy this...” she said menacingly “I just wish I got to do it more than once!”
Jay began to choke, but only for a second as he reached around behind his sister and sliced through the power cable that led from her back into the time portal with his knife.
“You think I'm that damn stupid?” he said kicking the doombringer as it powered down and reverted to it's default form.
He turned away and walked back toward Katrina, still dripping in dogs milk. “Come on, lets get her to the others...”
“Erm..Jay..” Katrina said nodding behind Jay.
Jay turned around.
The doombringer was getting to it's feet.
“Backup power online” it said “Weapons at 100%. Activating beserk mode...”
“That...doesn't sound good...” Jay muttered.
“What now?” Katrina asked

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