White Wolf visits the Promenade

White Wolf sat down on the floor and pulled out his Atemp-pad, and tapped the control to begin a personal voice entry. "Looking over my newly cleaned quarters, I feel somewhat satisfied that I've got that messy job done. Particularly that scrubbing off the past residents blood & guts. But I'm not so sure about what to do for furnishings. A bunch of grey metal walls is pretty jarring and feels too much like a prison. Well, considering what I left back on Roo because of my exile, that is. I could try an make some Roo-like bedding if I go down to the arboretum and swipe some of the fronds, But I suspect the Huzards wouldn't take to kindly to that."

He paused to scratch behind his right ear before continuing, "Hmm, I suppose I could just try to requisition a bunk from Holly. No, that would be a hassle dealing with all the forms. And besides, I'd probably want clobber Holly before it's all said and done. Plus, I'm not to wild about the idea of adapting back to a human bed again. Wait a minute, I could check out what the Promenade has to offer. Though I still have some reservations about the inhabitants there. I am not even sure their Roo, and according to Holly their some kind of evolutionary offshoot from the Blue Dwarfs actual rodent population. And knowing my luck, their all probably descendants of the late Captain Cannon's pet, BoBo - that smug little smegger."

White Wolf tapped the Atemp-pad's control to halt the voice entry, then got up and dusted himself off with his paws before heading out the door to the lift while carrying the Atemp-pad. As the lift opened, Atemp-pad beeped and White Wolf glanced at it the alert. His eyebrow went up in inquiry as he noted the alert showed that temporal portal had been detected.

After punching the button for the Promenade destination, The huge hamster claw tapped at the pads controls while he sat down in the lifts chair. He ignored the lifts warning and other tedious yammering as he scrolled through the readout, and another detection popped up, and more readouts. The oversize hamster occupied himself with reading them until the lift arrived at the Promenade. He strode out, glancing around to get his bearings first, then walking over to one of the market purveyors, who tried to engage him in buying in what was obviously kitty litter.

It took White Wolf a while to get the point across that he wasn't interested any litter at all. Particularly when the Rodent in question only seemed speak in high squeaks and paw motions. And It was definitely *not* the Roo claw signing language, as White Wolf quickly discovered as he tried explain in the claw signing he'd Helped create, and the Rodent vendor made some rude gestures that White Wolf had seen Mini Phil make on occasion. Shaking his head in disgust, he wandered over toward some other eager rodent sellers proudly trying to get him interested in their wares.

He waved off several of them until he spotted one gerbil lounging in a crude looking hammock, and quickly got it's attention and tried to barter for the Hammock. At first, it didn't quite understand what he wanted, but after a few minutes of paw motioning and attempting to imitate their squeaking language, White Wolf succeeded in making a trade of some zip lock baggies for the hammock.

Strolling off with his first piece of furniture for his crew quarters, White Wolf felt a little happy with himself, despite being bugged but another bunch of the rodents trying to sell him some packets of extremely dried up 'premium hamster kibble', which probably stolen from what used to be his own personal stores of the stuff. And spotting one of the vendors waving a rock hard hunk of Niples expensive imported cheese made him smirk and almost laugh out loud.

Then the thought of these rodents ancestry crossed his mind again, and he claw tapped a scan query on his Atemp-pad, while continuing to stroll along the Promenade, after several minutes the results came back, just as he was passing the much bombed out Mc Donalds store front, which now was some kind of living vegetable market. White Wolf paused, the scan results showed no Atemporal genes in the Blue Dwarf Rodents, expect him of course. So the rodents definitely weren't Roo.

White Wolf thought, "Well, they did say they were exiling me to a place with no Roo Technology, so this sort of makes sense, but why doom me back to the equivalent of the beginnings of our race again? Or should that be my race since most of them are my children? Oh good gravy, this is so depressing & confusing. I've got to get my mind off of all of it!" Noticing there was on food cart up ahead, "Ah, I know, Perhaps I could try to grab something totally new to eat. That usually distracts me."

He began to barter with the excited rodent over what looked like some dried fish, and it was not a short session before they came to an agreement of some of White Wolf's supply of Wax pencils for a bunch the supposedly dried fish stuff. It was about then that White Wolf noticed Cass storm out of Parrotts, Looking like she was choking back tears.

White Wolf started after her intending to find out what was wrong, but hesitated wondering whether it was appropriate considering all the mitigating factors, particularly the fact that he didn't know that well, yet. But when she stopped to buy cigarettes and gin, that pretty much clenched it, as he wrinkled up his nose in displeasure since he didn't care for either. He definitely should stay out of whatever is going on with the beautiful girl. Besides, it has been far too long since his last relationship with a female and he wasn't sure he was ready for dealing with that on top of all this other stuff brought on by his recent exile. It still felt kind of unreal. He shrugged and continued wandering up the Promenade looking for more stuff to furnish his new 'home' with.

Quite some time later, as White Wolf was figuring out where to fit the large cafe grill and wok into his new kitchen area, the Atemp-pad alert beeped again. White Wolf looked at the alert, which simply in big red letters, "Phil FeBuggure Frapp├ęd again."

The Large hamster squinted at the display in confusion muttering, "Must be on the blink" and gave it firm whack on it's side. The display simply changed to a proximity read out showing activity in another location on the Blue Dwarf. "Ahh nuts! I guess I'm just gonna have go take a look..."

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