Return of the Doombringer

"What you destroyed was just the first probe - It'll have learned your tactical style and established the technological level of your weaponry; the next construct it fields will have evolved... it'll have adapted to meet the level of resistance it's going to face from you!"
"Smeg's sake" Jay swore softly "How do we stop it?"
"Smegged if I know" Phil replied "I haven't even invented the damn thing yet! - Pretty nifty piece of kit though, huh?"
<end snip>

A far away sound of puffing and panting got closer, causing the group to ready their weapons. It came from the opposite direction to the previous portal, causing them all to turn and face their weapons.
Seymour turned the corner in his wheelchair, rad faced from pushing himself along. He immediately saw the several gun barrels pointing at him, causing him to immediately move his arms from the wheels and hold them in front of his face for protection. “Don't shoot. It is I, Niples!” He said, continuing to wheel towards them, and only stopping when Jay extended a foot to stop him.

Catching his breath, Seymour didn't take long before he started complaining. “What have I told you before about leaving me alone? How is one in a wheelchair supposed to defend oneself against rampaging monsters and 'Doombringers', if everyone with guns leaves him alone?”

Jay explained the situation, whilst Seymour looked around the group. He saw how Cass was looking at Jay, and how Jay was looking at Katrina, and how Katrina was looking at Ishani. You could cut the tension in this group with a knife, and he wished he'd not found them at all.
“I was jolly well thinking... when you do use the time fridge, not that I condone this action at all of course, well I would like to come with you. I would like to have a jolly good chin-wag with her Majesty, and get a few things straightened out. That is, assuming you don't shoot her, or whatever barbaric things you have planned.”
“The STCP is dangerous.” Said Jay. “We're putting a stop to it, no matter what.”
“Surely that doesn't mean killing the Queen? Treason!” Seymour shouted.
“I said nomatter what.” Jay said, feeling all the emotions and rage of them holding his son hostage bubble to the surface. But as he calmed his breathing he nodded his head. “Okay, you can come, maybe you can keep her distracted. But don't let that wheelchair slow us down.”
“Oh! Discrimination!” Seymour shouted. “I'm disabled, I deserve respect!”
“What I mean is, we'll be moving fast. You'll need to keep up-”

What distracted Jay was the singularity gateway opening again, like before a door to complete blackness slid open in thin air.

“Whatever comes out this time will be big, bad, and have no mercy.” Jay said to everyone. “Just shoot first or there'll be no time to ask questions later, okay?”

They stared at the portal for a long time before anything came out. Long enough to build anticipation and really make everyone nervous. They knew this Doombringer MkII would be really really nasty.

Then it appeared. Slowly at first, then it crawled out of the portal, and was much smaller than anyone expected. It rose to full height of 30 inches tall. It was a baby. A Human baby, wearing a light blue tshirt with the words “I heart Daddy”. It looked around and giggled.

Everyone was confused, except Katrina.
“Max!” She gasped.

Jay felt his hand shaking, and he lowered his gun. “Max?”
The baby definitely had his eyes, and his mother's smile.

“Lower your weapons!” He ordered.

<tag! Assuming it's obvious that Max is the new Doombringer in disguise (or is it?), can Jay face killing his own son? What happens next?>

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