OOC - New member - "Jacky Kong"

Hi everyone, we've got a new member, say hello to Jacky Kong, a cowardly scientist who came onboard BD just before the radiation leak and was in stasis like the rest of us.

Here's his full bio


Jacky, in your first post you can decide if you're just coming out of stasis now, or if you came out a few weeks ago and perhaps haven't met any of the crew yet. The BD is large and mostly empty due to most of the crew still being in stasis, and only a small band of us around. Although we're all currently off the ship in some sort of desert right now, being transported there by the "Doombringer". Although I wasn't sure if this should all be happening in our heads and you'll find us unconscious in the corridor somewhere? What do the rest of you guys think? Have we actually moved in space or is this a delusion?

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