Invasive procedures

<Jay moved across the corridor to a window and looked up. “The ‘Dwarf…”
“what?” replied the other three
“It’s lodged in the side of the base, a few floors up, that moron Seymour must be pretending to be in charge again…”
“So now what?” Katrina asked
“Back to plan A…” Jay said “Come on…lets move…”>
<end snip>
“Anyone notice anything strange?” Hoshi said, currently leading the way down the corridor.
“You mean like how we’ve encountered virtually no resistance since we got here?” Jay replied
“Something like that…” Hoshi replied “There is no way that they didn’t detect our landing”
“If you could call it a landing” Phil said “I’d call it plummeting..”
“Phil” said Jay
Jay hit Phil on the forehead with an ammo clip.
“Now, who’s the best pilot you’ve ever seen?”
“best is a strong wor….”
Jay raised the ammo clip again
“Ok! You! You are!”
“Good boy.”
“When you two have stopped flirting…” Katrina snapped “Hoshi raised a good point…why is it so quiet..”
“I don’t know..” Jay said “Stay alert…”

The sound of horses galloping a few decks up could be heard.
“Something definitely isn’t right…” Hoshi said “It’s almost as if they want us to get to the medi-lab”
“Probably laid a trap for us…” Jay said “They’ve been after Phil and I ever since we defected…”
“We are NOT turning back…” Katrina snapped “They’ve still got Max!”
“I know..” Jay said “Come on, when have you known me to run from a fight?”

It was a few more minutes, but the foursome reached the medi-labs, with barely a peep from the STCP.
The doors to the lab hissed open, and Katrina gleefully darted in once she caught sight of the stasis tube. “Max!” she exclaimed “He’s here! It’s really him!”
Jay, Hoshi and Phil followed, sweeping their guns around the room and gesturing to the few scientists and doctors in the room to stay where they were.
Katrina jabbed at the stasis tubes controls for a while, before slamming her fist down. “It’s encrypted!” she sobbed “And raised her rifle to shoot the glass.
“Woah!” Phil said “You’ll kill him! Let me..” he whipped out his table again and began hacking the controls.
Jay stared up at the boy in the tube. He looked just like the Doombringer did when it took his form, but Jay felt very different. He knew that this was really his son. He could just feel it. “OW!” he spluttered suddenly clapping his hand to his neck, “What the smeg?”
Wheeling around, a scientist stood behind him, withdrawing a large syringe. “What the?...What the smeg did you just do?”
“I killed you Mr Chrysler…”
“Killed me?...dude…I’m still standing…”
“Give it time…”
“got it!” Phil exclaimed as the tube began to hiss open. The small boy fell forward and Phil caught him, passing him to Katrina, where the child groggily dozed on her shoulder. Katrina was welling up. “We need to go…” Hoshi said
“What have you done?!” Jay growled, still confronting the scientist.
“You’ll find out soon enough Mr Chrysler…”
“Jay! Come on!” Phil snapped.
The scientist waved goodbye, and Jay, conceding defeat, turned and ran with the others heading toward where the Blue Dwarf was embedded in the stations structure.

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