OOC - SOTM & BD podcast

Hi everyone, I wanted to announce the SOTM for December. For the newbies that have just joined, SOTM is an award for the best "simmer of the month".

We've had loads of very excellent posts in December, and it's clear you've all been working together really well! After much coaxing from Jack/Alex (it didn't require very much!) I'm going to give this award to Andy Locke for some excellent writing.

Well done Mr Locke! Your awards cabinet is actually looking pretty full now!

Also just before Christmas, Andy Longman mentioned a BD podcast that we were working on. We've had combined efforts so far of Andy, Jack/Alex, myself, and also Antony from the Scuttercast podcast (if you've not heard of them - google it and subscribe, it's a great podcast about RD!).

Our podcast is recorded audio versions of posts starting around March 2011, just before the final Hymenoptera battle. We chose here as a starting point because we can tell the story of our JMC rebellion, which then obviously leads onto us going into stasis for 3 million years.

I submitted the feed to iTunes, so please subscribe if you're an iTunes user here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/blue-dwarf/id590035190

If you just want the normal RSS feed to subscribe to, see here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/BlueDwarf - you can add this to your Google desktop, reader, podcatcher, or however you want to check RSS feeds.

There's currently 4 podcasts on the feed, 2 by Andy Longman, and 2 by Jack/Alex. I'll try to post them weekly, depending on how fast we can record them.

Hope you enjoy the podcasts, and I encourage you to subscribe now!

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