Feeling ill, with Phil.

"Well... I guess you have to jump. Jump feet first and... break his fall while carrying him."


"Just... give me a moment to collect myself." Jay called, finally.

Jay leaped down, carrying Phil's unconscious body in his arms and his feet stuck firmly forward to the ground. The sudden mid-air shift in weight ended up with Jay landing on his backside, breaking the fall of Phil, who lay on top of him. Jacky heard a piercing shriek coming from the shattered pulp once known as Jay's back. Jacky looked away-- he hated the sight of blood. A mere few minutes later, Jay was healed to his previous physical condition, but was still not quite mentally there because of the pain he just suffered through.

"Look Jay, I'm sorry to be so passive to your injury, I truly am, but we are in constant danger. Where should we take Phil?" Jacky asked.

"Just get him far from here without the GELFs knowing. Put him in some secluded storage closet until he wakes up, and make sure he doesn't try to leave without knowing what's going on." Jay ordered.

"Wait, why just me? Where are you going?" Jacky said, a little more pathetically than he intended.

"I need to go find and help the others. We'll regroup later. Just take care of Phil and anyone else you may find wandering about." Jay said.

"Alright." Jacky agreed.

Jacky began to hoist Phil's body up to begin the process of dragging it away, when suddenly, the door was heard opening.

"Oh smeg!" Jacky whispered. "What are we going to do?"

Jay had no answer that could be said quickly, so he and Jacky ducked behind a crate, with Phil dragged along with them.

"The menbeasts! They're gone!" a voice cried.

"Nevermind them! Where's the seedgiver?!" another voice yelled.

"We must report to the grand mistress!" the first voice commanded as two sets of footsteps were heard running away.

"...Seedgiver?" Jay questioned. "What the smeg is that?"

"Well..." began Jacky. "We've never been called a seedgiver, so that leaves Phil. When considering a society of women who, not even a week ago, tried to use us as sex pigs, 'seedgiver' can only mean one thing in my mind."

"Oh...my." Jay said, simply. "I suppose we should keep him moving, then."

Jay and Jacky dragged Phil's body into the corridor hallway.

"Alright. I'll see you later. Take him to the ship Flight Deck. The GELFs have no reason to be there, they don't have a ship." Jay told Jacky.

"Alright. Good luck." Jacky said, bidding farewell to Jay.

Jay ran off down a different corridor. Jacky didn't see him again until later. In the meantime, Jacky spent much time, about 47 minutes, dragging Phil down the corridor hallway to the Flight Deck. On the way, Jacky passed by the same familiar door that seemed to haunt him, the one leading to the Huzzards' domain. Eventually, Jacky and Phil made their way to the door leading to Flight Deck 2-Beta, making their way inside.

"Alright then, Phil. I'm here to watch you..." Jacky said to the unconscious body. "and watch you I shall."

Jacky lied against the wall, next to Phil. He began reading a pocket edition of The Fellowship of the Ring to pass the time, when he heard a voice and sprang up to find its source.

“Smeg.” She muttered. “My trainers did NOT know what they were talking about.

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