(I Don't) Wanna... Be Your Dog

“Wha?” Alex croaked woozily as Brittany leaned in close to him, the scent of her skin immediate and powerful
“You should wake up” she smiled, placing a cool hand on his forehead “You’re in danger”
“What?” Alex frowned as she crouched down next to him
“Wake up” she whispered in his ear, Alex suddenly jerking awake for real this time to see a porcine version of Phi approaching him holding an electro-shock control collar </snip>

She smiled wickedly. “Stupid, stupid males. So selfish. So arrogant. So greedy. It's time you took your rightful place, man-pet.” Man-pet? “Whoa... Nono. Whatyoudoin'?” Muzzily, he put his right hand up to fend her off, but he was weak and she pushed it easily aside.
She loomed over him, about to snap the collar around his neck, but Alex had other plans. His eyes had drifted to the surgical lamp behind her, and with a grunted effort he brought it down on the back of her head. It felt about five times as difficult as it should've, but it knocked her out. Thank smeg. She flopped onto him, causing him to moan involuntarily at the pressure her weight put on his wound.
He lie his head back for a moment, GELF atop him, trying to order his thoughts.

Well... he was alive.
He was alive! Oh baby! He was alive! And... And it smeggin' hurt.
With a groan, he pushed the Belhaphasarian off him and the table. She slid to the floor with a “fwump”.
He looked down at himself, relieved to find his bloody coveralls were gone, however he wasn't mad keen on the hospital style gown he was now wearing. “Stylish” he murmured.
I wonder...
Yep literally just a hospital gown.

He cringed a little at the thought of Phi seeing him naked while he was unconscious and vulnerable. (That was assuming real Phi had been the one to... sort him out... “Repair” him, as Bedge would put it.)

Was he repaired, then? He gently ran the fingers of his left hand over the robe, investigating his lower abdomen on that side. Yeah, it felt like he was now stapled together. Rough and tender as hell - he glanced at his IVs - even on pain meds, but at least he was no longer torn. He shivered at the thought, feeling like a dolt for ever letting his guard down and allowing himself to get hurt. F'ckin' lizard.
GELF-Phi stirred on the floor.
Alex tried to sit up, but it wasn't happening. He yanked the lines from his left arm, flailed his hand trying to grab his IV stand and knocked it. It conveniently fell over, clonking the dangerous woman on the head.

He clenched his teeth and forced himself to sit up through the pain and fatigue. He swung his frustratingly slow-to-respond legs over the side of the table and pushed himself into a standing position. His frustration grew as the legs nearly buckled. He snarled, trying to ignore it and stepped wonkily over the unconscious sexpig. He took a few stumbling paces forward towards a worksurface, feeling like smeggin' Bambi. He hated being so weak.
Rifling through the metal cabinets above the workspace, he grabbed a bunch of what he assumed were painkillers.
He slung a glance at the sentient sex toy and the electro collar.

Time to leave.

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