Really? I missed everything? Part 1

Plisken pulled on the dark green wellingtons the had once be worn be the dead gardener that was slumped on the wall of the shed. The gardener was long since dead, a spear to the heart it looked like. Plisken was sorry that he was dead but his own boots had fallen apart and were now only pieces of leather covering his shins. The gardener also wore a hat that had a wid brim and a tall crown. Plisken placed that hat on his own head and stood up. He laid the body down on the ground- face up- and closed the dead man's eyes. The gardener's name had been Tom- a strange coincidence. Plisken thought nothing of it though and he began to walk away- the Huzzards would be back and Jeff wasn't going to be happy.
Plisken had been this hellish paradise for a least a week and probably more. There had been one Huzzard who had always tried to catch Plisken at every available oppertunity and Plisken had thought he needed a name. Jeff was the first he thought of and it just stuck. Jeff the Huzzard couldn't understand, obviously, but after 5 years of solitude, Plisken needed some crazy person time.
And just as the smeg-head's name was thought of, Jeff the Huzzard jumped down from the trees and lunged his spear at Plisken's chest. Plisken only just moved out of the way and the spear thudded into the wooden shed. The shaft of the spear shattered as Plisken brought his full weight down onto the thin wood.
"Do you like my new hat, Jeff?" taunted Plisken- well he hoped he was taunting and not being crazy. Jeff the Huzzard screached at the top of his voice and 3 other Huzzads jumped down from the trees.
"Oh look, it's Huey Dewey and Louie!" And Plisken was right, it was Huey, Dewey and Louie- the three younger Huzzards that were under the command of Jeff the Huzzard. Plisken had fought them before but he reall hasn't in the mood today. He had only covered six miles and it was already mid-day, he thought. So, Plisken turned around and started to run. He easily out ran the pursuing Huzzards and soon they were no where in sight. But then, out in a corner of the massive jungle area, were three pieces of rope hanging down from a branch. A long time ago, this had been where Justin, Jacky and Plisken had been investigating some Huzzard attacks. Well, kind of investigating. But Plisken now knew the answer to these attacks, and it was more sinister than Plisken currently thought. If he were to tell the right people, it could change the power on Blue Dwarf. Plisken walked to the exit of the gardens and stepped outside.

<OCC- I have no idea why the Huzzards are important, any one can come up with an idea>

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