The Great and Daring Challenge Show

Plisken sat with his feet up in the drive room. His hat was pulled down over his face and he was fast asleep. He reasoned that if he was getting old, which he was doing far too quickly, then he initialled to nap. Its not that he liked being old but until Phi or Jacky or really anyone found a cure or a way to reverse it, he was pretty stuck. So he slept, pretending to monitor the screens and readouts while everyone was off having fun elsewhere. But a beep sounded from the communications station and Plisken opened one eye.
“Holly,” Plisken said wearily, “What does that sound mean?”
Holly’s face materialised on the screen in front of him and Plisken swung his feet of the table to see him properly.
“It means we’ve picked up a pre-recorded message from a near-by Starbase. I’ll play through here.”
Holly’s face disappeared and was replaced with a flashy image with the words “The Great and Daring Challenge Show!” in bold letters. Plisken waited for the message to play but after 2 minutes nothing happened.
“Holly, do you know how to play the video?” asked Plisken, realising that Holly’s mind was going faster than cheetah that had drank to much coffee.
“Of course I do!” said Holly sounding rather hurt, “I just don’t know if it’s the square button or the circle button.”
“The triangle button Holly,” sighed Plisken.
“Oh, yeah.” The image started to move and the video began to play.
“The Great and Daring Challenge Show is coming back for a new season and it needs new and intrepid challengers, such as you, to compete! Luckily, you have entered the Super Gameshow Transmat zone and are ready to be beamed to our station at any time! As part of the Historical Battles Weekend Extravaganza, you and your teammates will compete in various battles based of real ones! You will be dropped into a team of four and placed in a random battle! The battles could be anything from a World War 2 Nazi held Pairs, to the liberation of San Francisco in 2022, to the last stand of London in 2900! With authentic weapons and armour, it is the ultimate simulation! Just continue on your present course to enter the game!”
“Oh, no,” said Plisken, “Holly, turn the ship around!” Nothing happened. “Holly!”
“I can’t! The controls are jammed! We are being steered remotely!”
“Oh, man,” sighed Plisken.

On the Starbase, several aliens crowded around a monitor. They were all of one species, a tall, strong scaly alien dressed in various colours of armour. One alien stepped forward, the strongest of the all clad in black metal armour and with a helmet covering its face. When it spoke it sounded like it came from deep inside the armour, echoing up to the mouth.
“Are the scans finished?” asked the black armoured alien.
“Yes, Lord Hunter,” said a red armoured lieutenant, “Sending the results to your terminal.”
The Lord Hunter studied the display. “It was been a long time since any quarry this big has come along. Prepare the genetic modifiers; give the hologram a body and the oversized hamster a body more fitting to war,” said the alien in its echoing voice, “Give each team a different war, that should make things interesting.”
“Preparing Genetic Modifiers and Transporting in 5 rels,” said a lieutenant.
“Today we hunt!” screamed the black armoured alien, raising his weapon in the air and letting out a savage war cry.

<OCC- Okay, I don't know what the teams are going to be. The soldiers you fight are advanced models of Waxdroids that don't melt as easily. The Aliens take the place of officers usually.>

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