OOC - OOC - recent confusion

Ok..right well. This quickly got out of hand . We don't have many rules here, but please people - try to be coherent!

Jacky - to be honest I thought you were only mentioned as being with Jay, Bedge and Efof at the battle of Hastings...I'm not sure where that particular confusion was.

Jaxx - it's great that your getting involved, but that sub-plot with the alternate universe was a bit out of nowhere and very confusing. Please try not to implement plot twists such as that without explaining why it's happening, or speaking to the moderators first (myself or onion) as it just complicated if it can't be explained and I know alot of people were confused.

Plisken - please don't introduce new main plots midway through an existing one unless you've specifically been given permission by a moderator. I ran with it this time because it had already been posted and to be honest it could have been a good story (I had visions of us all fighting each other in the same battle) but (through no fault of your own) it quickly got out of hand.

Please everyone try to remember not to add too many plot elements to a storyline without making it clear what's happening or speaking to a moderator first.

Oh and Chris K - you my friend added the straw that broke the camels back. Phil sane ? GTFO! ;-P

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