OOC - Making An Effort - A word from the grumpy one.

Hey dudes! Blue Dwarf is an awesome, easygoing, relaxed and friendly place!
... Saying that, I personally am a grumpy bastuhd, so, while there’s a bit of OOCing I just wanna say something:
N.B. This is not aimed at anyone in particular. I wrote and was going to post this before any recent comments/events, funnily enough.

*Dons battered old deputy hat* Picture me scowling at you, as you read this.

Right you ‘orrible lot.
Sometimes, people don't read posts properly, and then sometimes they get all uppity because they (mistakenly) think they've been left out. Or they get funny because they’ve not kept up and don't know what's going on. Or sometimes they've taken their character off and not brought them back. Or sometimes it’s the case that they've just generally not bothered to join in, when there was plenty of opportunity for them to do so. Etc. etc. etc...

It is always worth stopping to properly read others’ posts, and checking, before you start to worry you've been abandoned.
By reading things properly, and taking them in, you might realise you've not been left out, or forgotten, at all.
The others might actually be waiting for you to join in!
You’re welcome.
As I said above, Blue Dwarf is an awesome, easygoing, relaxed and friendly place (with not many ‘rules’ or demands compared to most games).
Most of the time it's going to be the case that you're utterly welcomed. (<-- Just assume this by default!) However if you're unhappy or confused*, please don't hesitate to say something.
(*Not about your love life, or how to work the washing machine – Blue Dwarf related problems.)

Now to the crux of it:

Reading posts:

It is worth reading posts properly. It is important to do so.

I have, a few times, seen people ask what's happened, instead of catching up for themselves.
(Not talking people who have been away asking for a recap, before reading and catching up - that's different – I’m talking people who have been playing along with current events.)

I recommend reading the posts properly (*facepalms* this should go without saying) because this way you get a good picture of what's gone on and will be able to create a better post of your own as a result.
Reading the posts of others is half the fun! You can't beat a cup of tea and a bit of Blue Dwarf!

Just like you, the others sit down and take time and effort (in some cases a LOT of effort) to create these lovely posts... Why not appreciate and enjoy 'em the way they were intended? :)
I often read them several times because then I take them in a lot better and often notice and understand bits I missed on a first reading.

Sure, certain posts can be difficult to read/take in**, but if the rest of us - with our varying dyslexia/cognitive problems etc - can read them well enough to take in the important parts and apply them in our posts, then so can you!
Don't be such a smeggin' lazy bones.

(** It can be difficult to read a ‘wall of text’ sometimes, and it’s always handy to break things up a bit with a few spaces, returns, headings, or paragraphs etc.)

If you’re not keeping up because you've tried (and by 'tried' I don't mean half-skim-read while you're pouring your cornflakes) but still do not understand something, that is different and of course, ask away.
But make the effort to try and understand first.

Making sure you actually know what's gone on is important to writing your posts.

Everyone will miss some things, you're not expected to be perfect, it’s a game, it’s fun.
The point is you have to put at least a little effort in, to then get to really enjoy it!
Nicer for you, nicer for everyone.

A bit of thoughtfulness never goes amiss, right?

In conclusion:

1) Don’t whinge when you’ve not bothered to check things first :p
2) Please do bother to read others’ posts properly.
3) If you genuinely don’t understand something, despite trying hard to, ask away.
4) Any worries about anything (Blue Dwarf related), give one of us a shout.


Gods help you if you didn't read and (at least try to) understand that ^ post.

What you still here for?
You can smeg off now.


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