OOC - An explanation for my absence

OOC - I just wanted to apologize and provide a explanation for everyone.

If you've been following any of my Facebook posts, you probably already know that recently real life has sort of been (and still is!) kicking me real hard while I'm down.

A short while ago, I had minor toe surgery for a badly infected ingrown toenail, requiring me to stay in bed and keep my foot propped up & off the PC.

And during the last week or so, before I was completely recovered from the meds & stuff from that, more bad stuff quickly followed. A brief explanation of a very complicated mess is that our apartment mgr came calling & saying that another resident has complained of pet odor. And while we were trying to remedy with the problem, the mgr decided to revoke our pet license and force us to get rid of our two dogs. While also telling my wife & I that we will have to pay for an expensive carpet cleaning after we get rid of our dogs. (Of course, my wife & I can't afford any of that.) Plus, to add more to an already horrible situation for us, the mgr also informs us that potentially, if *that* doesn't remedy the problem to their satisfaction, they will also be making us pay for replacing the carpet, pad and sub-floor treatments. Plus He added that they will require it all to be payable immediately. (And it sounds like the 'or else' is likely face eviction proceedings...)

As of right now, My wife & I are busily trying to find out if one of the local "no kill" animal rescues can take our dogs before the mgr's deadline - because he said that if we don't get them out before that, he may may call humane society/authorities to come & take them away forcibly (and potentially killed from what I know about their methods).

So as you can imagine, I'm really outta of it due to some very nasty real life issues. (While my wife & I simply try to survive all this and try to get back to some semblance of normal life once again, if possible.)

Thank you for your patience & I hope you all the best,

- Tim/WW

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