Who has Big Balls?

As Jaxx’s mind opened up he was sitting on a beach watching the sunrise with Franky the squid. Jaxx spoke up, “Hey Franky dude what’s up?” Franky replied, “Ocean to Murgatroyd even, how is my shark finned apprentice doing these days?” Jaxx smiled, as he said, “Not to bad Franky dude I was just training and stuff.” Franky said, “I must say even, you have come a long way in a short time even. But I must say even, you still have a long road ahead of you even so don’t forget to enjoy life as well.” Jaxx replied, “Ok Franky dude, I’ll try to totally keep it in check and stuff.” Franky then sighed as he said, “I’m glad you’re here even. It will give us time to chat about your next dangerous mission even.”

Jaxx said, “Ok Franky dude what’s up?” Franky answered, “Well I must say even, I am a bit concerned about you going against that Brittany creature.” Jaxx replied, “Why is she like big and scary?” Franky replied, “Ocean to Murgatroyd even, she looks like a human trophy wife, but as you know looks can be deceiving even. She is very smart and ruthless even, so if you cross her path exit stage left and avoid fighting her at all cost even.” Jaxx thought for a second before he replied, “Wow Franky dude, she must be totally heinous if you’re scared of her.” Franky replied, “Ocean to Murgatroyd even, she is the only creature in the universe I would erase from existence if I could. If they still made a dictionary her face would be next to the word ‘Heinous Bitch’ even.” Jaxx sat up and dusted off as he looked at Franky and said, “Thanks Franky dude. I’ll totally use that wicked fear to fuel my radical training.” Franky replied, “Ocean to Murgatroyd even, it just warms the cockles in my heart to see you so dedicated even. Jaxx no matter what happens you make this old cephalopod proud to be your mentor.”

Jaxx woke up from his meditation feeling a bit woozy as he said, “Woe dude that was totally intense. I wonder how much of Franky is in my head? Oh well I so need to get back soon. I bet Eve babe wants to eat or something.” With that Jaxx cleaned up his mess and began running back to Evelina’s quarters.

Turned out her favorite vending machine wasn’t local.
As they wandered far and wide, in search of the perfect Swayze gazy snack, they passed a jogging Jaxx. Alex had noticed him running a few times this week. Funnily enough he’d recently been thinking he should start jogging again himself, but… he’d been too miserable, too drunk, and too limpy.
The big man swooped back, and jogged on the spot in order to greet them. “Hey dude and doc!”
“Hello Jaxx.”
Alex nodded, wondering if he should ask to join him some time. But that would likely mean talking, so he probably wouldn’t.
“Keeping in shape, I see.” Said the doc, with an approving smile.
“Nice one.” Solvay nodded his own approval.
“Thanks! Uh, gotta keep goin’ though. See you later guys!” He did an interesting twirly thing. “Gotta get ready for Eve babe!” He explained. And with that he sped off.

Jaxx eventually made his way back to the room and saw Evelina was not there, so he went in and took a shower and washed his clothes while he was at it. After Jaxx rung out his clean smelling Speedo and Hawaiian shirt he put them back on to dry off. Jaxx then sat on a towel and use the tv remote to find something on the tv to pass the time. After a few episodes of Shark Week on the science channel Evelina came in with several heavy bags. Jaxx quickly jumped to his feet to help Evelina bring the bags in as he said, “Awww Eve babe if you called I would have totally helped you.” Evelina smiled as she said, “That’s ok Jaxx it was a good work out. And I wanted to surprise you with something I found in your lab.”

Jaxx got a bit nervous as he said, “You didn’t like go into the freezer did you?” Evelina smiled as she said, “No Holly warned me about what was in there. Honestly Jaxx you actually ate that stuff?” Jaxx got nervous as he said, “I’m sorry Eve babe they totally made me that way and stuff, but I’m totally a different gut now so don’t get mad ok.” Evelina smirked as she said, “Calm down Jaxx I was just teasing. But anyway when Holly and I were going through your lab we found some neat gadgets. See these (Evelina pulled out some watches) are locator watches. So if we get separated on a mission we can find each other again.” Jaxx replied, “Sweet Eve babe.” Evelina looked at Jaxx who was holding his stomach as said, “Jaxx I take you want to get some dinner?” Jaxx looked sheepishly at Evelina as he replied, “I’m ok Eve babe.” Then Jaxx’s stomach grumbled loudly, which made him blush. Evelina giggled as she said, “Come on you big weenie lets get something to eat.” Jaxx asked, “You’re the best Evebabe. Where are we going?”

Evelina answered, “Lets try the Promenade this time. Also I brought you some clothes I want you to wear tonight.” Jaxx shrugged as he said, “Ok Eve babe.” Evelina helped Jaxx put on his new clothes and had him model them for her. Jaxx was wearing a royal blue silk shirt with black slacks, a black and blue belt and black dress shoes. Evelina smiled as she said, “You look great Jaxx.” Jaxx felt uncomfortable as he replied, “Thanks Eve babe they look nice.” Evelina replied, “Don’t look so grumpy shark boy it’s not going to kill you to dress up for me now and then.” Jaxx replied, “Sorry Eve babe, don’t get me wrong the clothes look sweet and all. Its just that they don’t like let me move my fins and stuff.” Evelina replied, “Oh I am sorry Jaxx I didn’t think about that. Maybe we can have them altered at the promenade later.” Jaxx smiled at Evelina as he replied, “Thanks Eve babe you’re the best.”

Evelina led Jaxx around the Promenade as they looked around the various shops and found a mouse tailor to alter Jaxx’s clothes in the future. After that Evelina took Jaxx to ‘JackRabbit Slims’, which is a theme restaurant centered on 50s pop culture icons: the host is Ed Sullivan while Ricky Nelson performs on stage and the wait staff consists of Zorro, Marilyn Monroe, Mamie Van Doren and Buddy Holly but with all the characters are mice. Evelina asked, “So what do you think? Have you ever been down here before?” Jaxx replied, “Only when I pass by Eve babe. I don’t like remember being here before.” Evelina said, “Sorry Jaxx I just wanted to get out of the room for a while.” Jaxx replied, “It’s cool Eve babe I like doing stuff with you.” A waitress dressed like Marilyn Monroe walked up to Evelina and Jaxx just as a gust of wind from the floor blue up her skirt to reveal her white panties. Jaxx didn’t know what to say as he looked surprised at Evelina. Evelina giggled as she shook her head at Jaxx. Marilyn Mouse said, “Hello my name is Marilyn and I’ll be your waitress. Can I set you up with some drinks and an appetizers?” Evelina replied, “Sure I’ll have a chocolate shake and the vegetable spring rolls. How about you Jaxx?” Jaxx looked at the menu and replied, “I’ll have tea and the jumbo salad.” The waitress smiled and said, “Ok I’ll get that for you.” and then left.

Evelina looked at Jaxx and said, “Are you ok with this Jaxx?” Jaxx nodded as he said, “Its cool Eve babe I just need to get used to it and all.” While they waited for their drinks, Evelina told Jaxx a few stories about her first time on the Blue Dwarf. After the waitress brought the drinks and appetizers, Jaxx and Evelina ordered their meals. Evelina ordered the linguini and Jaxx ordered the spaghetti squash spaghetti with red sauce. After they shared their appetizers a mouse dressed like Ed Sullivan stepped up on the dance floor with Marilyn Monroe Mouse and said on a microphone, “Ladies and gentlemen, now the moment you've all been waiting for, the world famous Jackrabbit Slim's twist contest. The patrons cheered loudly as Ed Sullivan mouse is with Marilyn Monroe mouse, who holds up a trophy. Ed Sullivan mouse said, “One lucky couple will win this handsome trophy that Marilyn here is holding.” Marilyn holds the trophy for another round of applause.

Ed Sullivan mouse said, “Now, who will be our first contestants?” Evelina holds her hand and said, “Right here.” Jaxx asked, “Eve babe what are you doing?” Evelina replied, “I wanna dance.” Jaxx waved his hands in front of her as he said, “No, no, no no, no, no, no, no.” Evelina interrupted, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I do believe you are still in the doghouse mister. Now, I want to dance. I want to win. I want that trophy.” Jaxx Sighed as he reluctantly said, “All right Eve babe.” Evelina smiled and said, “So, dance good.” Jaxx muttered, “All right Eve babe, you asked for it.” Jaxx and Evelina walk onto the floor toward Ed Sullivan mouse. Ed Sullivan mouse said on his Ed Sullivan mouse microphone, “Let's hear it for our first contestants.” The patrons cheer loudly as Jaxx and Evelina approach the microphone. Ed Sullivan mouse said, “Now let's meet our first contestants here this evening. Young lady, what is your name?” Evelina replied, “Evelina Stone” Ed Sullivan mouse said, “And, uh, how 'bout your fella here?” Evelina said, “Jaxx” Ed Sullivan mouse said, “All right, let's see what you can do. Take it away!”

Yummy, yummy, yummy
I got love in my tummy and I feel like a-lovin' you
Love, you're such a sweet thing, good enough to eat thing
And it's just a-what I'm gonna do

Evelina begins to dance in a disco twist fashion and Jaxx tries to keep up with her.

Ooh love to hold ya, ooh love to kiss ya
Ooh love I love it so, oh love you're sweeter
Sweeter than sugar
Ooh love, I won't let you go

Yummy, yummy, yummy
I got love in my tummy and as silly as it may seem
The lovin' that you're giving is what keeps me livin'
And your love is like peaches and cream

Jaxx flashed back to Franky’s memories and remembers a squid dance that went to a similar beat and begins to dance like a squid on land.

Kind-a like sugar, kind-a like spices
Kind-a like, like what you do
Kind-a sounds funny but your love honey
And honey, I love you

Ba, da, ba, da, da , da, da
Ba, da, da, da, da, da

As the two GELFs dance to the song the patrons are watching in amazement.

Yummy, yummy, yummy
I got love in my tummy that your love can satisfy
Love, you're such a sweet thing, good enough to eat thing
And sweet thing, that ain't no lie
I love to hold ya, I love to kiss ya

Ooh love, I love it so
Ooh love, you're sweeter, sweeter than sugar
Ooh love, I wont let you go

Jaxx grabs Evelina’s hands and they spin in a circle.

Ba, da, ba, da, da , da, da
Ba, da, da, da, da, da

Sweet thing, yummy yummy
Sweet thing
Sweet thing, yummy yummy
Sweet thing

Jaxx ends the song as he dips Evelina towards the floor. The patrons go wild with applause. After dinner Jaxx and Evelina make their way back to the sleeping quarters with a trophy in Evelina’s hand. After they entered the quarters Evelina placed her trophy on her dresser and admired it. Evelina skipped over to Jaxx and kissed him on the cheek as she said, “Thank you Jaxx. I had fun.” Jaxx smiled as he said, “Me too Eve babe” Evelina asked, “Where did you learn to dance like that?” Jaxx replied, “Well I like remember how Franky danced in my memories and like copied him and stuff. Plus towards the end I totally had to go to the bathroom and stuff.” Evelina held in her snicker as she covered her mouth with her hands. Jaxx sighed as he said, “Go ahead and laugh Eve babe. It totally can’t be healthy to hold in and stuff.” Evelina burst out in laughter for a bit before she caught her breath and said, “I’m sorry Jaxx I didn’t mean it.” Jaxx replied, “Its cool Eve babe I totally don’t mind since your smiling and stuff.” Evelina said, "I must admit this was the first time I heard that song. Can we call it our song?" Jaxx shrugged as he said, "Sure Eve babe why not."

Evelina hugged Jaxx and gave him pleading eyes as she asked, “Movie night?” Jaxx nodded as he answered, “Sure why not.” Evelina jumped up and down in excitement as Jaxx removed his nice clothes and put his Hawaiian shirt on again. Evelina asked, “Jaxx can you go get some snacks while I change?” Jaxx replied, “Sure Eve babe.” After Jaxx returned with the snacks the two GELFs watched movies till they passed out on the lower bunk.

In the morning Jaxx was awakened by a gentle hand running through his blue hair. As his eyes slowly opened he saw Evelina sitting next to him running her hand through his hair. Evelina said, “Morning sleepy head. Did you sleep well?” Jaxx nodded as he yawned. Evelina said, “Good. Someone named Whisker’s left us an invitation to a party tonight. Can we go?”

<snip> The small rodent figure had placed the card, knocked and run away before anyone had got to the door of their quarters. Everyone had received one and it read in elegant gold script, decorated with images of masks and people dancing:
Wonderful humans. You are invited to join in with the annual Whiskermas Ball. Taking place on what you call the Promenade. Please formal wear masquerade only.
The invite was dated for that evening.

Jaxx stretched as he nodded and said, “Sure why not.” Evelina said, “Great then after breakfast lets get you a tux so you can have it altered today.” Jaxx nodded.


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