Premonitions, Parties, and Patches

Artemis had returned to his quarters hours ago to catch some rest, and feed the pets he had been neglecting. Being the innovative sciences officer meant he was given officers quarters, and even though his OCD made him keep the lab in an prderly mess, his quarters were surprisingly clean and orderly. Artemis filled the small red bowl with small larvae. Patches scrambled to the bowl and quickly scarfed down the lot of them. "You are such a messy little beast my ArĂ¡neam Alienos Cattus" Artemis then proceeded to fill Jules' bowl with pellets and take his cigarette so that he would eat. Artemis left a small bowl of fruit on the dining table, knowing that when Samantha was done scouting out her new home she would come to eat there. Lastly, Artemis set a mouse free, Venus would hunt it down and devour it shortly. Once his pets were fed Artemis sat down on the couch and reflected on his day. He had restored the lab and found a new hobby, it was a fruitful day indeed. In addition, he and Jamie had discussed the repairs that needed to be done in preparation for the rescue, and decided to start the lengthy process at some undetermined point later that week. He was happy to finally have work to do.

A Skutter rolled in with a platter of food and set it down on a TV tray in front of Artemis. "Thank you dear" he said. (OOC-Remember alternate Artemis' premonition that he would marry a Skutter? Well, he wasn't kidding!). Artemis had always enjoyed #8747. She and twelve others had been assigned to the ISD lab to aid him and Cadbury in their work. Artemis reprogrammed most of the Skutters to lose their independence and obey him only. But 8747 resisted and made an attempt on Artemis' life, albeit unsuccessfully. Her defiance and higher than usual IQ gained Artemis' respect. Over the years they became good friends, and eventually after a 3,000,000 year split, they paired up. Artemis liked having some one who cared deeply for him, even if she was just a self-aware robotic hand.

As Artemis got started with his meal he heard a faint tap on the door. He went outside and found an invitation taped to his door.


Wonderful humans. You are invited to join in with the annual Whiskermas Ball. Taking place on what you call the Promenade. Please formal wear masquerade only.


Artemis was interested in seeing the cultural traditions of the Promenade vermin, but the newly forming "non-sciency" part of Artemis was just happy that there was a party that he was actually invited to. Though he was skeptical, as the last party invitation he received sent him to the south end of Luna City. And when I say south, I mean ssssoooouuuutttthhhh. Artemis could still feel the bites of the wild dogs......he shuddered and turned his attention to the invitation. Artemis was sure he still had formal wear lying around his quarters somewhere. "Good news dear, we're going to a ball!"


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