Going the wrong Jay

Jay Chrysler was a pilot.
It was safe to say that Jay Chrysler was a very good pilot.
In fact, Jay Chrysler was one of, if not the best pilot ever to have graced the galaxy.
He was almost certainly the best pilot ever to have come aboard the Blue Dwarf.
He was 100% definitely the best pilot on the Blue Dwarf now. Ok, so as far as he knew only he, Seymour and Katrina even held pilots licences, Katrina only doing so because she had to when she was in the STCP and Seymour, admittedly no slouch with a flight stick in his day, generally found flying below him these days so saying Jay was the best pilot on Blue Dwarf today wasn’t saying much, but Jay WAS an exceptional pilot.
I could have summed that up in one sentence couldn’t I.
Flying was one of those skills that didn’t translate well to a lot of things. It wouldn’t make one a good surgeon, or botanist. It wasn’t something that would turn you into a michelan star chef, or an author, but there was a pretty good chance you’d be a reasonably skilled driver.
And so it was that within a few minutes of the green light, the child-Jay found himself alongside the two computer-controlled cars that led the race, nudging forward of the car in first place to his left, and the car in third just behind him on his right, fighting for first place in his kart made from an elongated gobstopper, with candy stick exhaust pipes, oversized tail fins made from chocolate and side-on Rolos for wheels.
It looked like a candy blue midget on wheels. And the best thing Jay thought, (and the part he’d spent the most time on) was the paint-job, made from icing sugar and food colouring, he’d painted the whole thing jet black, with a flame motif.
He’d named it, “The Phoenix II”. He nearly cried when he saw it. A fitting homage to the love of his life.
He glanced over to his left, and touched the accelerator gently, slipping into first place before drifting gracefully around the first bend.
As he did this, he caught sight of the cars behind him, suddenly shifting form and become scary-ass death machines.
“Holy smeg….” He muttered, then quickly blushed bright red and fearing a telling off from his mum for swearing said “Er…I mean ‘crikey’…”
He straightened up his Kart as he came out of the bend and put his foot to the floor, swerving left and right to avoid the sidewinders and machine gun fire that blasted at him from behind.
He spotted a power-up lying on the track ahead and headed for it, driving over it it disappeared and his dashboard lit up to show he now had a weapon.
He yanked on the handbrake, and spun the wheel, performing a perfect 180 and heading back toward the oncoming racers, he dipped between his two most immediate pursuers, both of them turning to aim at him as he passed them, opening fire on him, but succeeding only in taking each other out.
He continued the wrong way round the track, quickly coming face to face with his fellow crew and the other computer controlled racers who dogged them. Solvay and Plisken whizzed past him on either side, as Jay opened fire on his weapon pick-up. A large catapult fired from the tail of his kart, launching a giant skittle at one of the rival cars, it’s hard shell cracking open as it made contact with it and clogging up it’s mechanisms with the soft chewy centre inside.
He pressed on through the stream of oncoming vehicles, narrowly avoiding a collision with Jaxx.
The computer controlled karts had decided Jay was their biggest threat now, and as he headed to the back of the pack the majority decided to target him and followed him as he crossed the finish line the wrong way and led them around the track, picking up more power ups and he did…..
<tag…Jay’s leading the majority of the bad guys away so you guys can get to safety, theres a few of them left following you though, so take care! …and what’s Jay gonna do when he meets you all head on again…?>

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