Shut Up And Drive 3

Jaxx watched as Evelina was showing him how to drive the Go-Kart while the others were making their cars. Evelina said, "Ok Jaxx here is your go pedal and here is your steering wheel and here is your stop pedal and here is your change gears pedal and here is your gear changing stick. When you want to go faster you ease off your go pedal and then step on the gear changing pedal and move your gear changing stick to the next highest number ok." Jaxx nodded as he said, "Ok Eve babe. Let me like practice and stuff."

Jaxx got in his gummy shark car and turned it on and shifted gears and spun out going backwards and slammed into the wall behind him. Luckily the gummy shark car could take a lot of impact and bounded back. Jaxx shook his head as he said, "Whoa." Evelina yelled from a small distance, "Jaxx the R mean reverse or backwards. Start with number one and when you can't go any faster switch to number 2 ok." Jaxx gave Evelina a thumbs up then shifted into 1st gear and began moving slow as he was constantly stalling out his engine. After a few more tips from Evelina he was getting the hang of driving the car. Marylou came by Evelina and said, "Wow Silky Eve. Your a good teacher. It looks like Gummy Jaxx will have a chance now. Evelina smiled as she said, "Thanks Marylou. I hope he does well."

Jaxx was feeling a hardcore rush as he was blazing through the small practice track near by. Jaxx muttered, "THIS IS SO AWESOME!" Jaxx continued to practice while he had time.

The engine fizzed up to a roar, and rolled out to the starting line, where everyone else was waiting. It was to be a hell of a race, with all the in-built game characters, as well as the newly childlike Dwarfers sat on the grid, more like Formula One than an arcade game.

The commentator spoke as he aligned himself with the markings on the starting grid. "And here's the latest newcomer, Jammy Liquorice, driving the Chocolate Fudge Breaker. An excellent vehicle, their instructor can only have been Mary-Lou Marzipan to get such excellent results."

Everyone was lined up on the grid, and ready as the countdown began... Engines revved, and roared off the line as the lights turned green, sending everyone off in an adrenaline fueled frenzy to get to the front of the race.


"They've started!" M & M called to her father, who watched on a big screen.

"As soon as they pass the first corner, it'll be too late." Treguard said, with a funny laugh. There was a red glint in his eye, as he grabbed a large lever, with a standard, comedic red ball on the end. Almost like every lever in the world should be the same way.

"NOW!" he called, pulling the lever.


Meanwhile, back at the race. No one could really see who was out in front, there were so many cars, so close together. But that wasn't the real problem for most racers. All of the in-game characters looked frenzied as their eyes started to glow red. Soon after, their cars began to change. No longer were they cute candy based karts, but huge, powerful death machines. Oreo and Jammie Dodger wheels became razor sharp steel discs, and the light, fluffy cake and cookie chassis' became metal, solid and dangerous.

Of course, the same could not be said for any of the Dwarfers. Their cars remained cute, fluffy and soft.

The first casualty came as one of the sharpened metal discs tore into the curly wurly tracks on Jamie's kart. It snapped off, leaving the two Jawbreakers to catch on the road and continue on. Fortunately, the Jawbreakers stopped most of the damage, and he was able to continue with nothing more than a slide out of the direct line of fire.

Would everyone else be as safe though?

Jaxx and Evelina hit the gas ass their Go-Karts were now in the race. Both were giggling like kids as they were racing next to each other. Suddenly the opponents vehicles began changing to evil looking death race cars. One of them tried to hit Evelina with the ball and chains dragging behind his car. Jaxx quickly cut him off and let the heavy balls hit his gummy car instead. Evelina pulled away to get out of the way and worried about Jaxx til she saw the heavy chained balls bounced off his gummy shark car and through the windshield of the evil racer. The surprise cause the evil racer to loose control of the car as he ran off the road and crashed into a candy pole. Jaxx was shocked by this and smiled as he saw Evelina was ok. Then the two kid GELFs continued the race.


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