They're Coming

Lemon (Alan?) Sorbet had forgotten his real name. He’d also forgotten why a while ago he’d thought Plisky was like an old man.
Ah, yeah, that was right… ‘Cause occasionally the tiny kid’s sentences had sounded a bit like an old guy, but… that had stopped now.
Plisky Bakewell was just the kid Alan had always known he was. They’d been growing up together… Here in this Candyland. Hadn’t they? Probably…

Their transformation into kids was complete.

<SNIP>"Hey Alex," said Lil' Plisky, tugging at his friends clothes, "That boulder looks like the one in Thomas the Tank Engine." He gave a little giggle despite their impending doom.
"What boulder? Oh, that boulder. Aren't you a little old to be watching Thom-"
The gravity of the situation took a little while to hit mini-Alex's brain but when it did, he quickly pulled the little kid into his kart/train and hopped into his own.</SNIP>

As they zoomed off, Lemon glanced over his shoulder, he could see the boulder hurtling towards them and his frivolity was lost. This was a dangerous situation and they needed to sort it out. His expression straightened in flop-haired mockery of his often sombre-faced adult self.

<SNIP>From his cab, lil' Plisky could see that Alex was taking this far too seriously. This was just like Th-. Lil'Plisky looked behind- the boulder was getting extremely close. It wasn't a natural boudler but a perfectly round one, and this only helped it cruise along faster.</SNIP>

“For Godsnesses sake Plisky, out the way!” Sorbet felt very protective of the sweet little boy, and was seriously worried he was going to get crushed. Even in his cool Steam-Kart thingy. The little guy didn’t seem to hear him. His ears were probably covered by the big floppy hat.
“BAKEWELL!” He bellowed, trying desperately to get his attention, automatically using the (as far as Al knew) in-game name he’d heard someone else call him.

<SNIP>A lethal bolt of lightning lashed out and struck the boulder, blowing it to dust. Lil' Plisky himself found himself clad in a purple great coat, his hat's floppy crown becoming strong and tall. He still retained his child like height and mind but he was stronger, more powerful. He was a Black Mage.</SNIP>

“Whoa! WICKED!” Alex’s joy had returned. “Dat was amazing.”
Li’l Plisky’s clothes had changed.
“Did you do that?” Al yelled. “Why are your clo-”
The lad stopped yelling, and accelerating, in surprise, as he felt his own clothes changing.


Al pulled over because he wanted to investigate what was going on, and because he wanted to inspect Bakewell, to check he was all right. He got out his kart and looked down at himself he didn’t feel much different apart from his clothes – what the heck was he w-

“LEMON!” Plisky’s little voice prodded his thoughts. “Ah thought you left me!”
“What? You were in front of me…”
“Butchoo stopped!”
“Sorry Plisky. I shouted. You okay?” He squinted at him.
The smaller lad nodded and ran over, with a funny uneven pace that made him seem even more sweet. Sorbet giggled. It was funny to see Plisky looking so smart and powerful in his new clothes but still sort of wombling along.
“I like your new clothes.” He told him. “They’re cool.”
“Thank you” Plisken said, shyly. “Think I’m a Black Mage.”
Alex’s eyes widened like saucers. “W-O-W….”
Plisken’s little face lit up.
“What’s a black mage?” Al asked. Whatever it was, it involved cool hats.
Plisky didn’t answer, and Al noticed he was looking up at his own headgear. He felt where his helmet had been previously…
On his head he was wearing something warm, something snuggly and soft… With little pointy protrusions.

He frowned, wondering what on earth he was dressed as. He wandered over to Plisken’s vehicle which had a shiny nameplate, in which he checked his reflection.

“Oh COME ON!!!!”
… He was wearing a cat-eared hood. A white cat-eared hood with cute red bits in the ears and a ridiculous cloak.
Plisken had wombled over. He pulled on the cloak. “Wasswrong?”

Lemon folded his arms. “I am a cat.” He grumped, his kiddy voice not really conveying the humph he felt.
Plisken shook his head. “White mage.” He said.
“White mage.”
Al blinked, still not sure what a mage was. He was about to ask when he noticed Li’l Plisk was pointing at his feet.
… Wow! He was wearing amazing red sneakers! At least something about his outfit was cool.

He tried them out, going for a little jog along the cliff base. Before long he had the urge to run really fast, so he did.
“WAAAAAHOOOOOO!!!!” It was incredible! He could run about ten times faster than he should be able to.

He did feel a bit different, after all. He felt faster, and stronger.

After about a minute, he realised he’d gone a long way back up the track and thought Plisky might be getting worried on his own, so he turned around and zoomed back over to him.

So, for some reason, he’d turned into a Cat-hooded White Mage with Power Sneakers. He wondered what Gummy Jaxx, Silky Eve, Jammy Liquorice and the others had changed into. He also wondered what had happened to little Jade Blackjack. He thought he could remember playing kiss chase with her once. Where was that wild haired little boy, too? Also, what had happened to Little Jay after he’d gone off with all those spiky people after him?
Li’l Plisky was pointing again, this time at some of the spiky people who were heading towards them down the track.

"They're coming..."


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