Great Uncle Greg

Artemis woke up in the bathroom of a strange place, near the toilet. He pushed himself up off the linoleum and looked back at his reflection, he looked like hell. He wasn't wearing his Olde English attire any longer, he was wearing nothing but underwear and a white undershirt.

"The fuck?" Artie rasped, rising to his feet. He walked into the other room, a man was rushing around in his underwear, mumbling incoherently.

"Oh shit, oh shit Greg, we are so royally fucked!" The man said.

"Whoa, slow down...fella" Artie said, not knowing what else to say to the stranger.

"Slow down? I lost it! The schematics, I bet them during our....incident at the casino! The pulse unit, good hell NASA is going to kill me!" The man rifled through the mess in the room, looking for something to wear. Artemis walked over to the dining table and looked through an open briefcase, files marked confidential were strewn across the table. Under a wad of paper was an ID card. Artemis took a close look at the picture, the man in the ID picture (who was cleaner and more recognizable than his counterpart scurrying about the room) looked like a younger, better looking version of Artemis but with short brown hair. Dr. Artemis K. Pritchard IV, Innovative Sciences Division, Cape Canaveral R&D Artemis' eyes widened.

"Oh my god, Grandpa?" Artemis said. "What? What did you say?" Young Grandpa Artie asked. " grandpa would be very upset with me right now....he uh...hates alcohol and gambling heh....yeah" Artemis said, now knowing why his grandfather hated alcohol and gambling. Artemis walked over to the window and looked at the surrounding cityscape. Las Vegas? Pulse Unit? Shit, this is where my Grandfather almost died! Artemis thought.

Artemis K. Pritchard IV, or Grandpa Artie, was the inventor of the Pulse Unit, a unique propulsion unit that would pave the way for non-fuel burning impulse engines and later FTL drives. The unit was used in Grandpa Artie's expedition to Mars in 2020. Based on the current events, it was probably sometime around late 2013 or early 2014.

"Greg, get dressed, we need to go to the damn meeting!" Grandpa Artie barked.

Greg? Artemis picked up a shirt with an ID tag still attached, and a picture of someone strongly resembling himself. Dr. Gregory McMillan, Cape Canaveral R&D. By some time travel Paradox, Artemis was had become "Great Uncle" Greg. But where was Great Uncle Greg?

Back on Blue Dwarf

"What in the hell? Am I still drunk?" Greg said, walking down the corridors of the ancient mining ship wearing Artemis' ensemble. A group of Huzzards walked into view and snarled at the man, who was convinced that he was having some seriously fucked up dreams. He tore a pipe off the wall and took a fighting stance. "BRING IT ON!"

Back in Las Vegas

Artemis hurriedly threw on Greg's clothing and helped Grandpa Artie collected all of his papers. "We need to get to the meeting and quick! The investors won't wait long!" Grandpa Artie took the briefcase and sprinted out the door. "Great, now I have to play Paradox Repairman" Artemis said, taking after his grandfather


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