A Stroll in the Desert

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"We took out the first node. Artie says to use electricity to overload the brain. Also, Jacky says that the infected are going to converge on the next node if you don't take it out soon. We're too far away to be any help, so we'll hold them down here for now." Jamie said into the Radio, before Katrina ended their conversation.

It was a couple of minutes later. Jamie was surveying the lay of the land... his flintlock pistol in hand, ready with its single shot. Somehow, the ancient weapon felt more real to him than their own technology. Some part of him would have been happier with an even older weapon - his Bow. He trusted things that he had made himself, and knew how to fix them if they broke, but this was different.

Then, the time drive kicked in.


"Ow." Jamie said, pushing himself up. His throat was dry, and his face felt like it was made of sandpaper.

He rubbed at it, and sand fell off. Mentally, he wondered if his face had become sandpaper due to some crazy time paradoxy thing. (He didn't understand time travel so much)

Then he looked down, and saw the desert floor. That made much more sense.

A loud rushing noise grew in volume, sounding like it was approaching him. Instinctively, he got to his feet, and held his pistol up. As he glanced around searching for the source of the noise, it came to him.

"It's a car..." he said to himself, and saw the grey form of a road not too far away. The vehicle zoomed by, and off towards the brightly lit city nearby.

"When am I?" he said, and fumbled around for the Radio that was in his pocket still.

"Anyone there? Over." He said, hoping the system would still be working. He waited a while, but nothing. Mentally making a note to try again later, he began walking towards the settlement. It looked like it was a good few hours walk, and in this heat, that was going to be difficult.

Naturally, he stripped off the waistcoat, and loosened the shirt, trying not to overheat.

Another car? The noise was coming in from behind, heading towards the city. Remembering how this game worked from the many long years away from it, Jamie turned and walked backwards along the road, smiling towards the car, and holding a thumb out.

That smile turned to surprise rather quickly as a grinning Jay pulled up next to him.

"Jay!" Jamie said.

"You have no idea how good it is to find someone." Jay replied, and jamie did just that, and breathed a sigh of relief as the cars air conditioning took the edge off the heat.

"How come the time drive split us all up?" Jamie asked. "When we first used it, we all ended up in the same place..."

"I'm not sure." Jay said, as he put the car back into gear and sped off to the lights. "Most likely it's to do with the Paradoxes. The time drive put us in the same time, but couldn't drop us in the same place, so we got spread out. Probably a safety mechanism to stop the paradoxes from ripping this timeline apart."

"Ok, I'll pretend I understand..." Jamie began. "Do you know where anyone else is? No one is replying to the Radio."

<Tag. Does anyone want to surprise the hell out of us and contact us on the Radio at this exact time?>

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