In the Spotlight 2

Evelina dropped her jaw as she recognized her Jaxx on tv and quickly asked a stranger where the robots were at. After realizing she past the tournament on the way she quickly made for the door and ran down the hallway to the door for the contestants. Seeing how she was dressed in steampunk gear the guard thought she was one of the models working at the convention and let her in. Evelina quickly made her way to door to the arena so she could see where her Jaxx was. It didn’t take long before she saw Skutter Jaxx head towards her with a man and a young girl. Evelina was relieved as Skutter Jaxx and the two others entered the doorway and approached her. Evelina smiled real big as she said, “Thanks goodness your alright Jaxx. I was worried sick I would loose you again.” Evelina quickly hugged Jaxx and kissed his claw head. “Jaxx replied, “Hey ya Eve babe. I missed ya to.”

After a long and weird loving welcome back by Evelina, Skutter Jaxx said in his monotone voice, “Uh Eve babe, we are getting lots of attention.” Evelina stopped as she realized the father and daughter were looking at them oddly. Skutter Jaxx then said, “Sorry my bad Eve babe this young girl is Kelly and her dad Mike. I am helping them fight some other robots for a contest since her robot got totally thrashed. Evelina replied, “Oh that explains it, that’s how I was able to find you. I saw you on the Tele and then asked where this place was. So are you done helping them out because we need to find the others.” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Sorry Eve babe I still have to win a few more fights. Maybe we will get lucky and someone will see me on the TV thing again.” Evelina stood up and smiled at Kelly and Mike as she said, “Hello my name is Evelina. It is nice to meet you both and thank you for helping out my Jaxx. We got separated from our group by accident.”

Just then a man came by and told the group they had ten minutes before the next match and then left quickly. Kelly said, “Jaxx thank you for helping me out but I understand if you have to go.” Skutter Jaxx looked at Kelly and replied, “Chill squirt, I promised I’d win this for ya right?” Evelina looked at Skutter Jaxx and said, “You promised her? Well I guess we are stuck here then.” Kelly looked at Evelina puzzled as she said, “Why?” Evelina replied, “When Jaxx makes a promise he keeps it no matter what. Its part of his charm.” Kelly was amazed by this act of chivalry from a robot. Mike said, “Wow that explains why you’re so attached to your robot. So are you the one who made him?” Evelina giggled as she replied, “Oh heavens no. I’m no tech and Jaxx is not really a robot. His mind got trapped in this Skutter by accident while protecting me and the others.” Kelly replied, “That explains a lot. I was curious why he acted like an AI.”

The group was interrupted by an arena coordinator leading them to the arena for the next fight. As they took their positions, Skutter Jaxx played his theme song Whip It, by Devo.

After announcements the match began and Skutter Jaxx toyed with a new Bot called the “Jacker.” As Skutter Jaxx was making it chase him all around the ring a static voice came over on the radio.

"It's a car..." he said to himself, and saw the grey form of a road not too far away. The vehicle zoomed by, and off towards the brightly lit city nearby.
"When am I?" he said, and fumbled around for the Radio that was in his pocket still.
"Anyone there? Over." He said, hoping the system would still be working. He waited a while, but nothing. Mentally making a note to try again later, he began walking towards the settlement. It looked like it was a good few hours walk, and in this heat, that was going to be difficult.

Skutter Jaxx replied on the radio, “Yo bro. What’s up?” However no one replied to Skutter Jaxx’s response. Skutter Jaxx thought to himself, “Maybe this place blocks signals I’ll keep trying with my song till I get a response.” With that Skutter Jaxx pulled out his whip and flipped the “Jacker” into the air and onto a buzz saw trap that chopped it up real good. Jaxx lowered his theme song to call waiting on the radio till he got a response. After the winning interview, the group went back behind the stage to wait for the next fight. Since they had a few minutes before the next fight Mike led the others to the snack bar next door. As they left the room Jamie’s radio picked up the song Whip It, by Devo.

TAG Jamie you are on call waiting.

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