Carry on.

"Alex!" Jacky squealed into the communicator upon his awakening.

There was no response. Did he forget his communicator? Was it off? Was Jacky's broken? Jacky didn't know.

As in many situations, Jacky began talking to himself for comfort.

"Oh, smeg it, Alex!" he groaned. "This is why we should all have communicators! This exact situation! Well, maybe not this exact one, but certainly ones like it!" Jacky kicked a can across the alleyway, where he was. He was cold, and wet. He resembled a sickly puppy, if that puppy were actually a person. The building next to him was large and booming. He eyed many people walking in.

So, his curiosity getting the better of him, he looked at what the building was.

A convention center. Interesting. He picked up a dirty event organizer from the sidewalk. Lots of vintage games here. Except they aren't vintage right now, he supposed. Time travel. Something to get used to.

“That’s like totally funny I started at the out at the same place you ended up at.” Evelina giggled as she said, “I’m just glad you were attracting lots of attention in a good way this time. Well lets look for the others and if we get tired we can rent a room or something.” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Sounds like a plan Eve babe.”

Jacky stared for a moment, in shock. Not the bad kind of shock, either. More of a delayed impact of the event. As they started to fade into the distance, Jacky ran after them.

"Jaxx! Evelina! Oh, god! I'm so happy to see you!" He shouted.

"What luck, Jaxx!" Evelina said. "If he's here, then he must know where the others are! We'll be done in no time!"

Jacky frowned.

"I don't actually know." he admitted. "I kind of thought you knew where they were."

The three were silent.

"So then. I guess... carry on."

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