Route Recalculation

The blue orb in Jade’s hand began to glow brighter and became immensely hot, causing her to curse and drop it. It flew a few feet away from her - narrowly missing Plisken’s head, who, once it had come to a halt, considered it with great apparent interest. “Has it done that before?” He asked, directing his question at Cass, who replied “Search me. Jade found him.”
Jade spoke up “He’s called Kenneth and he’s a hologram or something. He said he’s from an alternate universe. Or a hologram OF something. He’s a bit… strange, but he got me here so I’m not complaining. Oh, and he knocked out someone twice my height because they punched me. Or because they spilt his coke, I’m not entirely sure which.”
“Twice your height would be ten foot.” Plisken stated.
“Seriously?” Cass said “Out of all that, you chose to be pedantic about exaggeration?”
“No offence meant. Sorry.” The ‘sorry’ was directed at Jade.
“No worries. Wait, what’s he doing now?”

As they had been speaking, the light emanating from the orb had grown steadily brighter. It suddenly emitted a short tinkling tune comprising five notes, and Kenneth coalesced into being. He considered his surroundings with bemused interest, caught sight of the others and said “What’s up, guys? WELL, girls. WELL, women…”
“So this is him?” Cass asked Jade “He doesn’t look the type to be able to beat up… well, ANYONE really…”
“I’m inclined to agree with you there.” Jade replied, her subconscious making her sound like she was apologising for the actions of an unruly pet.
“Hello to you too.” Kenneth said, slightly miffed.
Plisken looked fascinated. “I’ve never seen a more advanced hologram!”
Kenneth beamed and said “Thanks!”, paused for a moment before continuing. “Though although my body is hologramatic, I’m not strictly speaking a hologram.”
“I know the feeling!” Plisken exclaimed. “Although MY body is female, I’m not technically a woman.”
Looking to get the conversation back on to a more useful track, Cass asked “So what are you if you’re not a hologram?”
“I am – or WAS – a ship’s AI, a long time ago for me, a long time in the future relative to now, and a long way away however you look at it. My crew all died and I got tired of being a ship, so I made a body for myself. I used to be able to jump between dimensions, but somehow my d-drive’s got corrupted. Can happen. Well, of course it can, because it has, but it hasn’t happened before. Also I appear to have time travelled at some point – I’m from the fifth millennium normally.”
Plisken was making “Ah” and “I see” noises throughout Kenneth’s account.
Jade frowned “You follow that?” she asked Cass quietly. Cass shrugged, and then said, with only a hint of sarcasm. “All this is very… interesting, but that doesn’t explain how those cops knew my name.”
“Or who I am.” Jade added.
“Or what you look like.” Plisken contributed.
“Or why they’re looking for you all but not for me.” Kenneth finished.
Cass shook her head and said “I don’t think that’ll be the case anymore somehow. I’d remember you if you’d beaten me up.”
Plisken interjected “I don’t want to interrupt, but we’ve probably spent to long here. We should move on. But where to?”
Jade smiled and said “Well Kenneth helped me find Cass – think you can do the same for the others?”
“Sure!” Kenneth said happily. “The work of a moment! Well… ten moments maybe. With each moment lasting twenty seconds or so. No wait.” His face was screwed up in concentration. “Five hours. No – two seconds… Ah, got it now.. checking with GPS.. no, wait, NO!”
“What’s wrong?” Jade asked, concerned.
“I’m in SAFE MODE!”
“What does that mean?”
“It means no Networking. So I can scan and get a direction, but not a distance. Damnation.”
“Well we could use my car and drive around until we get to the right place?” Plisken suggested.
“I call Navigator’s chair!” Kenneth exclaimed.

Ten minutes later, they were all sitting in Plisken’s car: Plisken driving, with Kenneth in the ‘Navigator’s Chair’ and Cass and Jade in the back. They were driving, apparently aimlessly. Kenneth was giving directions sporadically:
“Right, it’s left – I said LEFT. Argh, ok third right. No, fourth. Right again. Fourth left. STOP!”
“What now?!” Plisken said
Kenneth looked at him very seriously and said.
“Make a U-Turn if possible now.”

They eventually gave up, and parked the car by an alleyway. They all got out the car, Cass and Plisken berating Kenneth for his uselessness. Suddenly Kenneth glowed a bright cyan.
“YES! People we have networking!” He said, exultant.
“So where are they?”
“If this is right… directly behind us…”

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