You spin me right round baby right round...

The tourists weren’t sure what made them scream more,the twisting, spinning twirling theme park ride that hung over the edge of the Las Vegas Stratosphere, 900 feet up, or the fact that a woman, in 18th century attire appeared from out of nowhere into one of the empty seats.
Katrinas eyes widened as she caught a sight of the sky above, but only for a second as she spun downward, facing the road far below (and a nice looking Aston Martin driving by) before being hurtled back toward the roof of the skyscraper.
The ride stopped, and she stumbled off, dazed and dizzy and trying to get her bearings.
She ignored the curious stares and made her way toward the exit signs, leading her to a lift that took her to the ground level, ducking into a gift shop and helping herself to an “I love LV” t-shirt and a pair of jeans dashing out of the shop unseen.
She darted into an alley and quickly swapped the heavy dress for the new clothes, pulling the combat boots she was already wearing back on over the lower part of her jeans and tucking her pistol into the waistband and concealing it under the back of her t-shirt.
She emerged back onto the street, and ducked back in as she spotted some police officers entering.
…”No…” she said “Here?....” she recognised them, and if they were here, it was very bad news.
“I have to find Jay…” she said to herself, and picked a random direction to walk in.
Realising she needed a plan, she stopped on the pavement after walking a few minutes to a less busy part of Vegas, well off the strip.
“Where do I smegging start?...” she mumbled to herself when she spotted something. Across the street, a man, in an 18th century frock coat being led by the hand by a woman into a door.
“Alex!” she said out loud and quickly followed…

“Hear that?” Jay said as he put his foot to the floor and the engine of the Mustang, speeding along the Vegas Strip roared. “That’s what a car should sound like!”
“Got to be honest” Jamie replied “As much as I love machines, the tranquillity of a quiet jungle is much more relaxing than that noise…”
“Never said it was relaxing, it’s exciting…sure I love flying shuttles, and their engines are bigger and more powerful…but. in a vacuum they might as well be powered by rubber bands for all the noise they make..”
“Hmm” Said Jamie “Tell you this…I’d rather listen to anything other than this bloody music…listen” he put his radio up to Jay’s ear, the tune to “whip it” playing on a constant loop.
“Who the smeg is that?”
“Dunno, think I’ve tuned into some rubbish pirate radio station or something…forget it, this isn’t working...”
He switched off the radio,
“No idea how we’re gonna find the others” Jay said “To be honest, before I saw you at the roadside, I wasn’t even sure anyone else was here…”
“That might help” said Jamie, pointing out the passenger window.
Jay looked and immediately grabbed the handbrake, sending the car spinning 180 degrees and headed into opposite direction, and toward what Jamie was pointing at.
A cyan light was coming from an alley a little way down the road.
Jay pulled up alongside a parked Aston Martin and passed a gun to Jamie, while drawing his own from his belt. The two men clambered out of the car and using the shadows headed into the alley…
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