In the Spotlight 3

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Skutter Jaxx replied on the radio, “Yo bro. What’s up?” However no one replied to Skutter Jaxx’s response. Skutter Jaxx thought to himself, “Maybe this place blocks signals I’ll keep trying with my song till I get a response.” With that Skutter Jaxx pulled out his whip and flipped the “Jacker” into the air and onto a buzz saw trap that chopped it up real good. Jaxx lowered his theme song to call waiting on the radio till he got a response. After the winning interview, the group went back behind the stage to wait for the next fight. Since they had a few minutes before the next fight Mike led the others to the snack bar next door. As they left the room
Jamie’s radio picked up the song Whip It, by Devo.

After Evelina, Kelly and her dad Mike got a quick snack they headed back to the back room of the arena where they headed back to the arena for the next event.
The group was interrupted by an arena coordinator, leading them to the arena for the next fight. As they took their positions, Skutter Jaxx played his theme song Whip It, by Devo.

Quickly after announcements the match began and Skutter Jaxx sized up his new opponent. The opposing Bot was called the “Brain Smasher” and had a nasty pick axe.” Skutter Jaxx quickly whipped out the holo-whips and caught the “Brain Smasher” by its arm. Then Skutter Jaxx quickly began spinning in a circle as it spun “Brain Smasher” in a circle. The crowd went wild as they chanted “Jaxx” repeaditly. Skutter Jaxx monitored the nearby fire pit that was slowly opening up nearby. As soon as the fire pit opened up Skutter Jaxx released “Brain Smasher” into the fire pit. “Brain Smasher” struggled to escape as the fire cooked its circuits and wheels. The crowd went wild as they continued to chant “Jaxx” repeatedly. After the winning interview, the group went back behind the stage to wait for the next fight, which didn’t take long. After being called back to the arena for the final fight Skutter Jaxx found himself taking on the reigning champ for the last three years.

“The Annihilator” was a real tough Bot. It had thick armor and a huge buzz saw in the front and a scoop on the backside allowing it to fight from both sides. After the announcements and the fight began “The Annihilator” tried to lure in Skutter Jaxx near the traps, only find Jaxx turned on his theme music again. The crowd began to sing along with Skutter Jaxx’s “Whip It” song by Devo. Evelina, Kelly and Mike also sang along as they watched Skutter Jaxx begin to do a Skutter dance in the arena.

“The Annihilator” saw Skutter Jaxx dancing in the ring and saw it as an opportunity to attack from behind. Now in most cases this would be a great idea, however Jaxx has been training in the art of Calamar Martial Arts with Holo-whips. Calamar Martial Arts was perfected by the Calamar, who were a race of large squid people that use tentacle attacks. By using Holo-whips, Jaxx was able to train under similar conditions and most of his moves involved dancing to fight single and multiple opponents. So when “The Annihilator” approached Skutter Jaxx from behind it was to late for him as Skutter Jaxx activated his holo-whips and flipped “The Annihilator” up in the air and quickly unleashed a barrage of lashes to the belly of the “The Annihilator” before sending it hurling into the robot crusher trap where “The Annihilator” met his end. The crowd went wild as Skutter Jaxx danced with his whips out for the crowd. After the crowd settled down the announcer and referees presented Kelly and her dad Mike a check for $50,000 and the Battle Trophy, which resembled a giant silver mechanical nut welded to a platform. Mike had to hold it for Kelly since it weighed about thirty pounds.

After the interviews Kelly and Mike thanked Skutter Jaxx and Evelina for helping them. Kelly hugged Skutter Jaxx and said, “Thanks Jaxx for the win and the life lesson.” Skutter Jaxx asked, “What lesson?” Kelly replied, “The part about not giving up on something that is important to me. I’m going to use this money to go to college and study robots.” Evelina replied, “Good for you Kelly.” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Sweet! Good luck with that.” Mike said, “Thank you both for everything. This whole experience has been enlightening. When someone sabotaged her robot I thought everyone here was so cut throat, but then you helped us without a second thought and only asked to help find your friends. You are both unique people.” Evelina smiled as she said, “Jaxx has that effect on people sometimes. It was a please to meet you both, but we need to find the rest of our friends so good luck.”

After leaving the Convention Skutter Jaxx and Evelina headed outside and down the sidewalk hoping to find the rest of the crew. Skutter Jaxx asked, “Hey Eve babe what were you up to before you found me?” Evelina replied, “Oh I ended up on a modeling gig and made $500 then I worked a gig at the Sci-Fi Con when I saw you on the Tele.” Skutter Jaxx, “replied, “That’s like totally funny I started at the out at the same place you ended up at.” Evelina giggled as she said, “I’m just glad you were attracting lots of attention in a good way this time. Well lets look for the others and if we get tired we can rent a room or something.” Skutter Jaxx replied, “Sounds like a plan Eve babe.”

TAG Jamie you are on call waiting with Whip It, by Devo.

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