Rude Awakening

Shaking her head, Cass closed her eyes.
So this was what it had all been about she glumly realised – Just an elaborate ruse to lure them here into this base where they could be subdued with ease.
That the pyramid and this missile bunker were of ancient human origin was of little doubt - she had been able to use the controls without difficulty; although how and why they wielded psychic powers Cass couldn’t even begin to guess – Perhaps it was some arcane offensive or defensive mechanism, or maybe even just a malfunctioning control mechanism.
Whatever it was, it had probably been revered as divine by the primitives who built the pyramids around the ancient human structures before they had subsequently died out a few hundred or so years back.
It seemed that the aliens here had been researching the remains of the human technologies for months, maybe even years, and had thus far achieved a modicum of success with the stealth fields and psychic weaponry that they had been able to field; but now that they had real humans to work with instead of the twisted cybernetic mockeries that they had engineered, they were hoping to unlock greater secrets that they hoped would win the war against the Hive – whatever the fuck that was...
It couldn’t be the Hymenoptera could it!?
Cassandra’s eyes flicked open.
She didn’t give a shit who or what these animals were at war with. They had stolen genetic material from her and, from the sound of it, the other crewmembers as well.
There was no way she was going to be the progenitor of an army of clone slaves.
Who the fuck were they going to use as the father!?
It didn’t bear thinking about.
This place was going to have to be razed to the ground.

Okay, so there you have it: ancient human structures with psychic abilities being researched by alien scientists so they can use the advanced technologies therein, in a war against “the Hive”
These critters have been engineering humans from limited amounts of genetic material to get the base to work for them, but now they’ve got real humans and the means to make more over the coming months, they’re hoping for some major breakthroughs
We need to escape, regroup and destroy the base before the missiles can be launched at the Dwarf
How do we achieve this?
What’s happening to everyone else?
What are the experiments the alien alluded to?
We’ve killed a few, but are the human-cyborg-things any help?

Eve suddenly wakes up in a freezing room as her eyes begin to slowly regain their focus. As Eve looks around she realizes she in lying down on what feels like a tongue with a white thick membrane above her. As she feels around she is horrified that she is in someone’s mouth and begins to panic. Eve is a bout to burst into tears as her mind flashes to he past and stops when she sees Jaxx. As she remembers her life with Jaxx she clenches her fists and tells herself she needs to be brave so she can see her Jaxx again. Eve is determined to have that honeymoon and no alien take over is going to stop that. After Eve psyches herself up with courage she looks around and feels all around the membrane. The membrane is thick as she tries to push through it above her. Then after trying to push the membrane on her side she manages to push her hand through it. Suddenly a rush of wind flows through the hole in the membrane. A loud sound of wind fills Eve’s ears as the wind blows hard in her face. Eventually the air slows down as the pressure equalizes. Then Eve slowly tries to move only to realize her body feels very stiff and she couldn’t scream since her throat was sore.

After moving her joints for a few minutes Eve manages to peek out the hole in the membrane. Eve is once again terrified as she looks out the hole to discover she is in a hole that is about a thousand feet high. To make things worse there are thousands of membrane cells all around her on some circular large wall. Some of the cells are empty or dried up and some look like they are holding someone else in them. After looking for a way out Eve looses her grip and falls out of the hole and quickly grabs a nearby flesh like rope, which resembles an umbilical cord. As Eve is falling towards the center of the room she holds the cord tight till she stops falling and begins to float in the middle of the room. As Eve is floating in the middle of the room she looks around to see where she is. As Eve looks up she is blinded by a bright light about a thousand feet above her. She slowly realized she was in a gravity distortion field.

As Eve pulls hard on the cord she is quickly moved towards one of the membrane cells along the wall. Eve is unable to stop moving to fast as her upper body goes through the membrane. Eve is a bit disoriented as she tries to regain her sense for a moment. After a minute Eve feels something nasty in her hand and begins to examine what she is holding. As Eve looks around the inside of the cell she realizes so is holding the remains of a long dead human that has decomposed into what looks like compost. Eve panics and struggles to get free from the horror she is looking at. After Eve gets away from the body she climbs up toward the light using the umbilical cord that seemed to be connected to something above. It felt like hours as Eve struggled to climb up the wall of membrane cells. Each cell Eve passed up made her stomach turn knowing it probably held another dead body in it.

After Eve made it to the top she saw some lights and peeked above the edge to see some movement. As Eve tried to get a better look she lost her grip and began to float up to another level. Eve floated till she slowly bumped into some kind of grate panel for ventilation. As she looked around, she was freaked out by seeing some aliens plugged into some kind of biological hive along the walls. Eve had seen this kind of thing in her Sci-Fi shows so in a sense it was easier for her to guess on what she was looking at. Eve noticed the aliens were not moving and then slowly checked out one of the aliens to realize it was an empty suit. After looking around Eve pulled the suit off the wall and put it on. Eve was a bit grossed out as the inside of the suit was both smelly and greasy, but it was a small price to pay for her freedom. Eve was still feeling like crap and her voice was still down for the count so all she could do was disguise herself and wander the ship till she found the others.


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