Graceful Even

Janky quickly relayed the message, camply strutting around the beach as he did so. Once he had finished, the two haruk narrowed their eyes and raised their spears to manoeuvre their mounts in closer together to hold a hurried, low conversation.
"What are they talking about?" Jay urged "Jaxx?"
"Well, the main gist of the conversation is the money they stand to make with all this 'precursor' technology..." Janky fell silent for a moment. Listening. "Now they're talking about you guys, even - About what you are and that you don't look much like the local Ssala... They're wondering if you came out of this thing that fell from the sky"
"I don't like the way this is going" Cass murmured to Jay's silent agreement
"Oceans to Murgatroyd, even!" Jankie cried, waving his hands in alarm "No - I..." he babbled something incoherent in Haruk at the two creatures, making them snarl and wheel away from their muttered conference, each wrenching hard on their mounts reigns. The triceratops' reared high, bellowing in protest, making and a deafening sound as the Haruk both lowered their spears.
"The module! Go!" Jay barked, but Cass was already ahead of him, sprinting through the surf and hauling her pistols out as she ran.
Throwing his head back, the largest of the Haruk let out a savage sounding war cry, spurring his triceratops forward as he did so, his spear levelling at Jankie's chest as the massive creature lurched into action and lumbered towards him.
Cass and Jay both wheeled in unison in the shallows, the waves splashing up around them as they raised their weapons, ready to fire, as they flickered back to life inside the the shielding field.
Jankie struck a pose, a fabulous pose, and waited as the huge Haruk on their Triceratops came thundering towards him.

It was never going to end well with Haruk, so let's have a bit of action
Cass is just armed with a couple of pistols, Jay could theoretically be armed with something a little heavier and both are able to provide covering fire if Frankie wants to strut his stuff
Of course this is probably very similar to a situation Jay faced back in 14,722 on Sigma VII, so he should be able to handle it all with considerable ease...
Franky/Jaxx smiled as he easily dodged the spear as if he were a professional dancer. Hard to believe but his skill level far exceeded Jaxx’s by a century of training. As the Haruk charged at Franky/Jaxx on their Triceratops they were completely caught off guard as Franky/Jaxx gently unfolded his chains as he simply snapped his wrists to hit the front legs of the Triceratops. As the chains impacted the Triceratops legs they squealed much like a boar and tumbled face first before they flipped over on their backs and crushed the Haruk riders. As the panicked Triceratops rolled over to run off the badly wounded Haruk were lying helpless on the ground. Franky/Jaxx smiled as she sashayed toward them in a feminine pose and said in their Haruk language, “Oh no you di-tent girlfriend even. You creatures are so predictable. Oceans to Murgatroyd even how about you tell me how many more of you are in the area so they don’t get hurt even?” The Haruk replied in his language, “ha ha to late fish man.” Franky/Jaxx sighed as he shook his head and said in Haruk, “To bad even, I would have spared their lives had you been honest, but since I read your meager minds I have my answer now.” The wounded Haruk tried to protest but their broken ribs made it hard to talk. Franky/Jaxx then began to run after Cass and Jay who managed to get pretty far in a short amount of time. Franky/Jaxx needed to warn them about the others in the area before they ran into them. As Franky/Jaxx was running Franky and Jaxx were having a conversation in their head.
Jaxx asked, “Yo Franky dude you got mad skills bro.” Franky replied, “Oceans to Murgatroyd even, you are too kind my cute apprentice, but I hope you understand how important your training is. You shouldn’t ignore your lessons just because they are hard even.” Jaxx bowed his head in shame as he said, “I’m totally sorry Franky dude. I was a total spaz for bailing on my training.” Franky smiled as he replied, “It’s understandable even, since you are so young and cute you can’t help but make mistakes at this stage even. But since we are together for the time being I will see to your training personally as it should be.” Jaxx nodded in shame as he replied, “Thank you Franky dude you are most wise and understanding.” Franky blushed as he replied, “Ohhh Myyyy! You are making me blush even.” Jaxx then asked, “So like what is your plan Master Franky dude?” Franky replied, “Well I suppose we should get you three to safety first and deal with the Haruk scouts as we run into them even. I imagine your cute Captain is working on the rest of the plan for now so let’s have a little faith in him for the time being and keep both of them safe even.” Jaxx sighed as he had a worried look on his face. Franky smiled as he replied, “I’m sure your betrothed is safe my dear apprentice.” Jaxx looked surprised as he replied, “How?” Franky giggled as he replied, “Oh my, have you forgotten your mind is an open book to me my dear boy?” Jaxx then looked down in shame as he replied, “So like you know what happened then?” Franky smiled as he smiled and replied, “My dear boy if you were unworthy of my teachings I would have left you for dead a long time ago. You may be void of many talents but you have an abundance of heart which gives your immeasurable strength when it counts the most. Once you mature enough to understand that you would be amazed at what you could accomplish. Your road in life will be filled with many hardships and the bonds between you and others will be tested beyond their limits as well. So if you don’t learn to master your mind body and soul you will only revert to what you were before even. Now since I have your body for now I suggest you begin on your first lesson in diplomacy.” Jaxx was about to say something when he saw the stern look in Franky’s face and muttered, “Yes Master Franky.” Frank smiled as he replied, “Good boy. Now to catch up with those two before they catch the attention of the other scouts ahead.”

TAG (Will Franky/Jaxx catch up to Jay and Cass before they run into the other scouting party or will they be spotted?)

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