Danger! Danger! Danger!

Jaxx emerged from the jungle moments later with news of the Haruk scouts in the area, only to be informed, to his relief, that Cass and Jay had managed to evade one of them already. By common consensus they agreed to push on towards the old crash site. They needed supplies and Frankie seemed reasonably certain that they could be found there; so aided by a combination of Jay's woodsman skills and Frankie's intimate knowledge of the area's waterways; they managed to evade several other scouts and arrived earlier than expected, around mid-morning the next day.
It had rained heavily overnight and of the three of them, only Jaxx seemed to have had a decent night’s sleep, no doubt lulled into insensibility by Frankie's psychic ministrations.

While it appeared that Jaxx was sound asleep and snoring up a storm to Cass and Jay, it was only part true. As Jaxx’s body was sound asleep from exhaustion his subconscious was not. Inside Jaxx’s subconscious he was in a high school classroom and Franky (Now looking like a pink humanoid Cthulhu in a light brown suit with glasses) was his instructor. Jaxx looked around with much confusion before saying, “Ummm….like wuts going on Franky dude?” Franky replied, “Oceans to Murgatroyd, even, don’t you look dapper in your school uniform.” Jaxx looked at what he was wearing only to be shocked by his tight little sailor boy uniform. The sailor shirt was both tight and stopped just below Jaxx’s chest while his tight white shorts looked more like spandex shorts. On top of that Jaxx was wearing a small sailor beret which looked more like a Yakama. Jaxx was definitely confused by his location as he asked, “Ummmm…….wuts with this crazy place?” Franky replied, “Oh relax even, it’s not even real. Since time is of the essence my cute little apprentice I am training you while you sleep even.” Franky then replied, “So like what this place Franky dude?” Franky replied, “Oh this it’s just an image I managed to pick up from a human passing by in the past. This is a high school and it is used to teach students.” Jaxx replied, “So wuts with this outfit?” Franky gave himself a very feminine hug as he replied, “Why it’s a cute school uniform even.” Jaxx thought for a second and then replied, “Oh ok. So like wut now Franky dude?” Franky did a little girly shake before he replied, “Now you will catch up on as many lessons as possible. So while you sleep even, I will constantly train my cute apprentice in all his lessons.” Jaxx felt a bit out of place but didn’t see any other choice since he was already in trouble with skipping out in his lessons. Jaxx then nodded as he replied, “Well Franky dude wut do I like do and stuff?” Franky then replied, “Well my cute student you will first address me as Master Franky or Master and then you will listen as I discuss your subject matter even.” Jaxx nodded as he replied, “Ummm….like cool Master Franky, but can I take off this (sailor) hat?” Franky replied, “Oceans to Murgatroyd, even, don’t you dare remove your cute uniform. Now be a good boy and learn your lesson well even.” Jaxx was still feeling guilty nodded as he replied, “Like yes Master Franky dude.”

Franky then pulled down a projector screen and then began to draw on it using his inky finger. Jaxx did his best to listen as Franky started from the beginning with Calamar history. Jaxx’s ongoing lessons consisted of learning the about history of the Calamar, their language, different types of Diplomacy, reading body language and several other languages. After the long dragged out lesson Jaxx looked like he was going comatose as his eyes began to glaze over. Jaxx held up his hands to stop Franky as he said, “Whoooow…..sorry Master Franky dude but my melon is about to explode.” Franky patted Jaxx on the head and replied, “You’re such a well behaved student my dear cute apprentice. I know you’re doing your best but we have only been at this for ten minutes even.” Jaxx looked dazed as he tried to get his mind right before he replied, “Oh man not cool, like at this rate my melon will pop before I like even fist lesson one.” Franky rubbed his tentacled face as he tried to think of a different approach to teach Jaxx. Since Jaxx was not a Calamar it would be too much to train him in the conventional ways. The irony was that Jaxx was different from other Calamar students in that he learned the combat lessons better than the academic lessons. This made Franky have to reconsider how to do his training for Jaxx. After some pondering Franky flashed back to some other humans he had come across in his passed and reflected on their memories he managed to catch. As Franky examined one of them in particular he realized that humans start learning at the age of five in school. As he thought about it more he realized Jaxx lacked a proper foundation in his education since his memory was wiped. Though it would be painstakingly tedious this foundation would have to be replaced before Jaxx could learn anything properly. So Franky then thought about a preschool setting and rearranged the classroom to accommodate. As Franky and Jaxx looked around they saw the school changed from a high school to a preschool. Jack looked around as he saw the alphabet on the wall next to some numbers and colored shapes. Jaxx felt a little more at ease in this room for some reason and started to relax. Then Franky said, “Well then my cute apprentice we will start from the beginning starting with the Calamar Alphabet.”

Cass, on the other hand, had endured a terrible night. Used to the comfort of her bed and skittish about the dark, alien jungle, full of strange noises and distressingly large insects, she had found it hard to settle. Sleeping in the same proximity as Jay for the first time in eight or nine months was also something of a novelty which didn't help matters either. In the end she had managed only a little fitful sleep before the rainstorm hit and she and Jay had spent the remaining hours before dawn, huddled beneath the makeshift shelter they had built with a snoring Jaxx, watching the arrival of the grey morning light and listening to the steady drum of the downpour on the leaves of the jungle around them. Now, some four or five hours later, with the heat of the day slowly building along with the oppressive humidity, Cass was feeling bad tempered and crotchety.

“Who the fuck are they?” she hissed “And what are they doing?”
“Dunno” Jay murmured, his eyes narrowing as he observed the humans moving around the crash site “My guess is that these are the ones holding Plisken. They’ve got weapons... Do you think they work?”
They were concealed in the undergrowth near the edge of the scar the Drive Room had made in the jungle when Plisken had crashed landed the last time they had been here. In the months since their departure, the forest had already made considerable progress in reclaiming the site and it was with some difficulty that the humans made their way in and out of the creeper infested interior of the ruined Drive Room.
“Oceans to Murgatroyd - It looks like a salvage operation” Franky/Jaxx observed “We made it here in the nick of time kiddo's; but unless we hurry, there’ll be no supplies left for us, even”

Armed humans are busy exploring the crash site and taking whatever’s left from the drive room
How many are there, how did they get here, do they have backup, and how do we persuade them to let us have the stuff instead?
Chances are they can handle whatever the jungle can throw at them, so let’s not make this too easy, eh? ;-)
Franky/Jaxx pondered for a bit as he rubbed his chin in deep thought before he replied, “Oceans to Murgatroyd even, I may have a plan if your two kids are interested. If you have noticed my cute apprentice has a cute girlfriend who loves watching movies and believe it or not some of them have a very similar situation even. All we need to do is sneak over and steal their hover bikes even.” Jay looked at Franky/Jaxx and asked, “But then half of them will chase after us.” Franky/Jaxx smiled as he gave a head jiggle and replied, “That’s right flyboy.” Jay ran a few thoughts in his head has he realized were Franky/Jaxx was going. Then Jay said, “So you want two of us to lure half of them away as bait and then pick them off one at a time while one stays behind to take out the remaining members.” Franky/Jaxx smiled as he replied, “Jaxx was right you are good at this stuff.” Jay then replied, “It’s a risky plan since one of us has to stay behind, not to mention we may run into another Haruk patrol even. Since you sweet kids are both are quite skilled with machines and teamwork it may be best for you both to lead the diversion while I stay behind even. That is unless your girlfriend has a better idea?” Franky/Jaxx gave Cass a feminine smile and a wink.

TAG ( I was hoping to see an insane hover bike chase through the forest unless you have any better ideas?)

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