Trippin The Melon

"Chill doc, it's just a routine sweep and cleaaaaAeRRRgggh!" Soma
didn't get a chance to finish as he was snatched out of the corridor and into
the vents. Wet snapping sounds followed, and swiftly the marine stopped screaming.
The corridor erupted into a frenzy of insectoid death. The Hymenoptera attacked.

Jaxx was curious to see Jade disappear into the room she was staring at so intently. After a puzzled look and a nervously scratched his head as his last two brain cells were working overtime. Evelina tapped Jaxx on the shoulder and asked, what's wrong Jaxx? Are there more monsters in there? “ Jaxx cocked his head to the side and replied, "Not sure Eve babe. This place reeks so wickedly it's totally messin wit my senses and stuff." Jamie asked, "You’re puzzled about something else huh?" Jaxx nodded and replied, "Yeah bro, I totally sense emptiness for some odd reason." Jamie looked at Cass and asked, "How about you Cass? Pick up anything on your data pad?" Cass snapped out of her bad mood and quickly ran her scans only to get many bizarre readings and a lot of interference. Cass replied, "Nothing definite but if this place creeps out shark boy it can't be good. HEY Jade! Let's find a different way in!" Jade did not respond which worried the others. Jaxx replied, "Like I'll get her k?"
Before they could protest Jaxx walked into the room and disappeared as well. Out of concern Evelina quickly followed Jaxx into the room and disappeared as well. Now Cass and Jamie looked at each wondering what they should do. Meanwhile Evelina kept walking as she heard Jaxx's voice up ahead.

Jaxx looked around as he found himself in a smoky room. From what it looked like small amounts of steam was escaping from a few pipes on the walls. As Jaxx looked around he couldn’t find Jade in anywhere. Jaxx paused as he rubbed his chin with his mouth open out of concern till Franky thought, “Oceans to Murgatroyd even, do close your mouth my dear boy. Its unsanitary and you look like the catch of the day at an all you can eat Sushi bar even.” Jaxx replied, “Sorry Master dude, I am like most perplexed and stuff.” Franky thought, “I can clearly see that even. So you noticed something is off about this place too even.” Jaxx nodded as he replied, “Like totally bro. The weird part is that my melon seeds are totally trippin and stuff.” Franky thought, “I see. Mind elaborating, even?” Jaxx nodded as he started walking away from the smoke before he replied, “Well like my melon is full of pictures of mondo crazy stuff, but I like am like totally chill and stuff.” Franky asked, “Interesting but tell me Jaxx do you often sing and whisper just for fun?” Jaxx replied, “Like yeah bro, how did you know?” Franky chuckled as he replied, “Jaxx your mind is full of images from the shows your dear sweet wife made you watch.” Jaxx replied, “Wow that was trippy bro.” Franky chuckled as he asked, “So do those images scare you?” Jaxx replied, “You mean like the nappy ones with the giant slugs with the oozy tentacles all over and stuff?”

Franky thought, “Of course even. Those things would frighten most people.” Jaxx looked around to see several of the slugs covered in tentacles trying to grab him. Jaxx smiled as he picked one up and replied, “Hey Master should I like save one for Eve babe? They look kinda cool.” Before Franky could reply the tentacled slugs vanished. Franky thought, “Now that’s something you don’t see every day.” Jaxx looked at his empty hands as he replied, “That was like messed up Master. Maybe that gas is making us trip out or sumthin.” Franky thought, “It is a possibility but I have a feeling it may be something else even.” Jaxx continued to walk as he talked to Franky. Eventually Franky asked Jaxx if he had a problem with heights as they suddenly found themselves before a huge gap between the decking. Only a single wooden two by four served as a bridge to cross the other side. Jaxx replied, “Huh? I like wonder how deep it is?” Jaxx then kicked a small piece of scrap metal over the ledge and listened for it to hit the bottom. As Jaxx listened for sounds, Franky thought, “Oh my, that is one deep hole even.” Jaxx replied, “No joke bro, but like heights don’t bug me much and stuff.” Suddenly the ground returned normal after Jaxx crossed the small bridge and kept walking on. As Jaxx continued to walk down the corridors Franky thought, “Surely you have some fears even.” Jaxx thought for a second before he replied, “You know Master I like really haven’t like thought about it much.” Then Franky began to list off several fears such as spiders, slugs, rats, snakes, bugs and those little fish that nibble on your toes. One by one the fears came to life till Jaxx replied he had no fear of them. The fears vanished so quickly that Jaxx didn’t have time to even see them appear or disappear. Jaxx continues to look around for Jade as he talks telepathically to Franky. Franky thought, “You know even, I was going through your memories and found something interesting about you even.” Jaxx replied, “Wut cha find Master?” Franky thought, “Well you know there is a part of the brain that controls fears and morality?” Jaxx thought for a moment and replied, “Ummmmm nah. That science stuff is way too hard and stuff.”

Franky thought, “Well according to your original data specs yours was modified severely before you received your brain damage even.” Jaxx leaned his head over as he asked, “Like how did ya come up wit that Master? I like mean I like didn’t know that.” Franky thought, “Most creatures can save images in their subconscious and I was looking up the images of your old security footage from your MACO lab experience even. “ Jaxx replied, “That is totally cosmic bro.” Franky thought, “Indeed my dear boy it appears you were made to be fearless which does explain many of your bolder moves even.” Jaxx sighed as he replied, “Yeah Eve babe gets pretty harsh when I like do something violent and dumb.” Franky giggled as he replied, “If I didn’t know better I’d say you are a little afraid of your spouse even.” Jaxx blushed a little as he replied, “I wouldn’t call it fear. More like shame. When Eve babe corrects me I like feel I let her down.” Franky thought, “Fascinating. So when you fight you are not afraid or worried about killing even?” Jaxx thought for a second before nodded and replied, “Wow Master you’re totally smart.” Franky giggled and thought, “You’re too kind my dear apprentice. I am not even on the same level as your colleagues in science.”

As Jaxx walks down the hall looking for Jade when he sees an open door with a light in it among a dark hallway. In the hallway Jaxx finds a room full of gold and replies, “Wow Franky check out the sparklies.” Franky thought, “Oh my, this looks like quite a treasure trove, even.” Jaxx replied, “Ya think Eve babe would like a souvenir?” Franky thought, “Well I doubt the owner would mind since they all seem to be deceased even.” As Jaxx picks out a few trinkets the other doors quickly and loudly slam shut. As Jaxx looks around to figure out what is going on he sees a few signs in blood “Cursed Gold”, “LEAVE NOW OR DIE!” Abandon all hope for Greed”. Then the last sign was above a pile of bones and read “You just can’t help yourself huh?” Franky thought, “Oh my how gruesome even.” Jaxx scratches his head as he replies, “Like why are these heinous signs inside the room?” Franky thought, “How unusually astute of you my dear sweet apprentice.” Jaxx dropped the trinkets and the doors suddenly opened. Then Jaxx thought for a second and picked up the trinkets again only to see the doors slam close. Jaxx then chuckled as he repeatedly picked up the gold and dropped it over and over again causing the doors to fling open and slam shut over and over again. As Jaxx was being childish Franky thought, “Oceans to Murgatryod, you’re like a kid in a toy store even.” Suddenly the doors slammed open and ripped off the hinges and landed on the floor with a loud thud. Franky chuckled and thought, “You did that on purpose, how juvenile.” Jaxx nervously rubbed the back of his head as he replied, “Opps my bad.”

As Jaxx leave the gold filled room and continues he sees a long hallway with several doors. A sign on the door reads “Do not say rock.” Jaxx is confused and says, “Do not say rock? Huh?” Suddenly Jaxx is struck on the head by a rock. Jaxx replied, “Ouch! That totally hurt. Wuts up wit that?” Franky thought, “It appears to be a trap for the mentally challenged, even.” Jaxx rubbed his sore head as he replied, “Ummmm yeah……Hey! Not cool Master.” Franky chuckled and thought, “Next time follow directions, even.” Jaxx replied, “Cha like I’m gonna say rocks again.” Suddenly several rocks began falling from above Jaxx and forcing him to run or be hit. Suddenly Jaxx falls through a trap door and into a bottomless pit. As Jaxx was falling he looked puzzled till Franky thought, “Such an odd reaction. A penny for your thoughts even.” Jaxx replied, “Like this is really deep. I’m like confuseded.” Franky thought, “Oh my even, If you were a normal person what would you do in this situation even.” Jaxx replied, “Dunno……I Scream I guess?” Suddenly Jaxx landed in a giant Ice cream sundae. After getting his bearings straight Jaxx rubbed his sore head and said, “Awww rats.” Suddenly a horde of rats poured into the room and swarmed Jaxx. Jaxx was covered in rats all over and they scurried all over. When they finally left Jaxx alone he realized they ate all the ice cream. At the bottom of the giant ice cream goblet was a brass plate that read, “Treats by Mr. Khan.” Jaxx raised his angry hands in the air and yelled, “KHAN!!!! KHAN!!!” Franky thought, “Oh my, aren’t we being a bit mellow dramatic.” Jaxx sighed and replied, “I didn’t get any ice cream.” As Jaxx listened to Franky’s words of comfort he heard a strange noise. Jaxx asked Franky if he could hear it but Franky heard nothing.

Franky thought, “So what does this mysterious sound resemble even?” Jaxx rubbed his chin as he thought it over and replied, “Well actually it like kinda sounds like a belly dancing elephant in a too too riding a skateboard. Franky thought, “A belly dancing elephant in a too too riding a skateboard? Sweety you watch way too much television and I……” Suddenly a belly dancing elephant in a too too riding a skateboard scooted on by. Franky watched in silence before he replied, “I am positively dumbfounded at this point.” Jaxx then replied, “Dude I am totally beside myself.” Franky was about to respond when he and Jaxx realized Jaxx was sitting next to two new versions of himself. Jaxx looked to the left and saw a nerdy shark boy drooling on himself and then on his right was a scary shark monster drooling as he looked at Jaxx. Jaxx asked, “Like who are you dudes?” The shark monster replied, “HAHAHA…..I’m your inner beast and that moron is your brain……..and now that were are free lets have some fun.” Jaxx got a bad feeling from what his inner beast was saying.

TAG (Jaxx is now split into three people: Original Jaxx, Shark Monster Jaxx & Idiot Jaxx)

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