Sink or Swim?

Evelina woke up feeling disoriented from the time jump. As she regained her bearings she looked around and saw she was in a plush cabin room surrounded by luxury. As she looked down she recognized she was wearing a black lacy silk camisole in a king sized bed which also had silk sheets. As she moved her silky dreads out of her face she sat up and wiped the sleep from her eyes before yawning. As she was in mid yawn a maid opened the door and and pushed a sterling silver food cart in and parked it by the small table near the bed.

Maid: Good morning Lady Duff. Breakfast is ready when you are. Will you be needing anything else?

Evelina was confused by her new environment as she had a million questions to ask but knew she had to be careful as she kept it simple for now.

Evelina: Ummm yes could you fetch me my passport and let me know what is on my calendar today?

Maid: Yes mum. (fetching passport) After breakfast you and your husband are scheduled to have tea with the captain at 10 am. Then Lunch with some investors at noon and finally dinner with the captain and his special guests at 6 pm. Your husband will be busy the rest of the day so you are free except for those three appointments mum.

Evelina: Ahhh yes thank you.

Evelina looked at her passport to she where she was and it was then that she realized who she was now. She was Lady Duff-Gordon and she was from Australia. Evelina remembered this clothing designer as the famed fashion designer, creating innovative styles under the Lucile Ltd label. She was the first to use a mannequin parade - essentially a catwalk show - and used professional models. Her liberating lingerie, tea dresses and evening gowns guaranteed a loyal clientele, among them royalty and the upper sets of London, Paris and New York. She created costumes for several theater productions as well and now she was on the Titanic. Evelina's heart sank as she remembered Lady Gordon had a husband named Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon, a Scotsman. He was Eton educated, and the fifth baron of his family estate. A noted sportsman, he represented England in the 1908 Olympics in fencing. She shuttered at the thought of having to sleep with anyone other than Jaxx. After a sigh she excused the maid and got up and washed her face and teeth before eating breakfast. She moaned as she enjoyed the gourmet food she was served for breakfast. She looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was only 8 am. Seeing that she still had free time before her tea appointment she decided to try to find the others . After she ate she quickly got dressed in a nice designer dress which look like it was made for royalty. Then she put on some make up and fixed her hair as she looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. She threw on some jewelry and matching shoes before she put on a lacy shawl and headed out. Her cabin was on the upper decks since it was a suite and used for VIPs.

As she walked around she saw many people ranging in age, gender and economical status. She smiled as greeted everyone as she passed them by hoping to be polite. However she knew she was getting a lot of attention from the males who were looking at her with envious eyes. She made it a point to draw attention to her wedding rings hoping to get them to back off. As she made her way around the ship she was hoping to find anyone from the crew at this point.


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