Wrapping it up like a Christmas Present

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Sandy Claws, in the meantime, had recovered sufficiently enough to rise from the floor, its trousers hanging from it in scorched tatters, and was now taking aim at Joribel, who was desperately trying to scramble up the rope he was hanging from.

"Help me!" he gibbered "That cookie dough stings like hell!"

"Ho Ho Ho!" screamed the mechanoid Sandy Claws, its voice now cracked and warbly, like a few springs had come loose. The mechanoid was no longer fat and jolly looking, in fact, now that the explosives had gone off, it looked powerful and fast.

"I have a club, too!" Sandy Claws yelled at Jamie, having watched him scrap one of the other mechanoids. "Except my club has far more flavour!"

Sandy Claws hefted a huge club sandwich towards Jamie, and the two clashed together. Chunks of wood flew from the tree-trunk, while pieces of chicken and tomato flew out, and mayonnaise splatted onto the floor around them. The mayonnaise started to sizzle on the floor, like it was eating through the metal.

"Little help here!" Jamie called, as he felt his club weakening, and becoming smaller as the acidic mayonnaise ate through it. He was holding his own, though Sandy Claws was keeping him in a retreating position.

"This is no time for small-jokes!" Cass yelled, her voice becoming higher and higher pitched as she shrunk down to fairy size. She zipped at full speed towards Sandy Claws, a bubble of energy forming around her as she flew, until she made contact, and the festively murderous mechanoid was blown back, into the centre of the room, giving everyone a moment's respite.

A thought went through Jade's head. 'Why can't we just have a normal life?' but the sounds that came out of her mouth were "There's no place like home!" and she clicked her heels together.

Just as Jamie had recovered, and was about to launch a new assault, a house appeared in the top of the chamber above them, and came crashing down, smashing on top of both Jamie and Sandy Claws.

"Ohhh! Congratulations, it looks like your transformation is complete!" Jack said to Jade, "This is going to be interesting." He added, and watched the ruined house. Cass buzzed around it, looking for signs of either of its victims.

"Hey! Over here!" She called, her high voice somehow carrying just as far as it would normally. Everyone gathered around, just in time to see the metallic feet of the Robotic St Nick curl up, and slide under the house.

"Well done! I didn't expect you to be the one to finish him off, but congratulations! We should go see Dr Finklestein now!" Jack chirrupped excitedly, and started walking towards the door.

"We're not going anywhere until we find Jamie!" Jade called.

"I'm ok!" came a call from inside. Cass buzzed up to the window, and looked inside. On one of the tables - now broken, was a model of a bridge, with a hand stretched out from under it. "I'm under here, but there's not enough space to get out!" He called, his voice slow, methodical, and lispy.

Cass waved her wand, and the bridge gained size, filling the room it was in. There was now plenty of space for Jamie to crawl out from under it.

"Oh, that was wonderful!" Jack called. "A troll hiding under a model bridge - I never saw that coming! Come on, there's no time to waste!"

The group all gathered together, and entered the next path, the door just sliding open as they approached. On the other side, a small man on a wheelchair waited to greet them.

"Doctor! They're here, and ready to fix the computer for you!" Jack called, still excited.

"It's about time! I thought I was going to expire waiting for you!" Dr Finklestein said, but turned and started wheeling away.

"Follow me, assuming you're not a miserable waste of space." he said, loud enough for all to hear. He lead them down a corridor, then stopped.

"This is as far as we can go. The computer is in that room." He indicated a door. "If you can just fix it to remove the electro magnetic field, we'll be able to control it, and will leave you alone."

They opened the door, and entered. Inside was a giant mass of computer components, all jammed together like someone just rammed all the components together they could find, and hoped it would work. Both Cass and Jamie sighed, while the others stuck together and wondered how safe it was.

"Cass zipped over to a keyboard and screen, and tapped away, landing on each key with enough force to push it, and the display lit up, showing some code.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Cass asked as Jamie looked at the output.

"This place is not safe!" Joribel stated, interrupting. "Too many exposed electrical appliances!"

"Uhh. I Fink so." Jamie replied. His transformation had unfortunately made it harder for him to string a sentence together. Rather than try and voice his thoughts, he lifted his tree-club, and offered a quizical expression.

"Yes. Troll Smash." Cass said with a grin.

Behind them, both Jack and Dr Finklestein yelled out in frustration as they couldn't do anything to stop it, then fell limp as the first club-attack destroyed part of the computer. At the same time, Cass doubled in size, and Jamie's left arm lost its extra muscle mass. He continued to swing, and with each explosion of electronics, they started returning to their normal selves.

By the time they neared the end, everyone looked back to normal, and Jamie's club had disappeared. Cass took over at that point, and turned off the last circuit with its power switch, before pulling the cables out and tossing it across the room. Jade used the last of her transformation to stamp on it with a red, glittery high-heel, putting a hole through it.

"I've had enough of Halloween and Christmas to last a lifetime." Cass said as they walked back.

There was a murmer of general agreement, as they returned to their normal habitable part of the Blue Dwarf.


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