Jay-l bird.

"Is this going to take long, I've got a party to get to." (Cass was going to be pissed)
"Is that all you can say Chrysler?" security officer Eddie Monsoon, asked Jay, who sat behind bars, nursing a fat lip. "You knocked out 15 of my guards!"
"They started it!!"
"You tried to steal a Space Eagle!"
"I was only going to borrow it!"
"What were you thinking? You were drunk to shit!"
"Even drunk, I could outfly any pilot on this damn ship! Blindfolded with my eyes closed!"
"Not according to your test records!" Monsoon snapped.
"That's kind of the point" Jay said "I had to prove to Thomas somehow that I know what I'm doing, he won't let me near a shuttle!"
"How did you even get that drunk anyway? I only saw you an hour ago, and you were sober!"
"I was drinking with Phil!" Normally that would be enough of an explanation. Once, the two of them drank so much that they woke up in pre-historic times on top of a still hot, asteroid and a bunch of dead dinosaurs. That wasn't even when they were in the STCP. That was just an after-work drink one Tuesday afternoon.
Katrina hadn't been happy. She'd missed EastEnders because she'd forgotten her keys to her and Jay's quarters and he'd been off the ship without noticed wiping out the Diplodocus.
"You're telling me you were drinking with the one guy on the ship you hate more than anyone?"
"What makes you think I hate Phil?"
"The fact that he slept with Tara, the night before you were meant to marry her! Right on top of his best man's speech!"
"I was with Tara?" Jay asked. "Nice..."
"Wanna know what I think?" Monsoon said "You dumping her when you found out is why she's so.....grumpy now..."
Another voice cut in. "Alright Monsoon, lay off, I want to talk to Mr Chrysler"
Deputy Chief of Security Penny Lloyd stepped into the corridor and stood before Jay in his cell.
"I've been watching the security footage of the fight..."
"They started it"
"Fine...you knocked 15 security guards out, while you were utterly off your tits. I've never seen combat skills like that. Where did you get so good at fighting?"
Jay nearly said "more than a decade on the Blue Dwarf, fighting in the Hymenoptera, and Krylon wars, 600 years on the STCP frontlines, battling Aerons, Eniram, Malodorians, Haruk, Huzards, Rogue Simulants and his late wife Alota" but he thought better of it, shrugged and said "Bruce Lee movies?"
"You're wasted filing reports in the Navigation department Jay" Lloyd said.
"You don't know the half of it..."
"We could use you in security. Come on....a guy like you, you need more than paperwork in your life. You need some action!"
Jay pondered for a moment.
"Alright. But only until I get my pilots licence."
"Deal" Lloyd nodded "I look forward to a long time working with you!"
she handed Jay a green security uniform in his size, a pistol and a baton "You can start right away. There's a disturbance in the medi-bay. Seems the vergers had a few too many...."


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