Using Reputation to your advantage

<snip:This is a continuation>The response was laughter. Both from the alien soldiers who believed themselves invincible, and from the chief, who now recognised Jamie's voice, and believed him to be useless at everything. At least when they were laughing, they weren't shooting, so he launched himself over the console, and made about half the distance to his targets before having to duck behind another console.</snip>

"Let's sort this out later. Right now, we need to secure the reactor and these guys." Jamie called. He played on the fact that everyone thought he was inept, and reached up just enough to type out a message that would appear on the console that Pancake was hiding behind.

"Agreed. I'll be able to do it with just one minute if i can get to the controls. Can you distract them?" came the reply. Jamie had no way of knowing which of the crewmen had replied - Pancake, or the other engineer he didn't know.

"I'll swing round to the right, to make them look away from you. Get your other guy to take them down if he has weapons." Jamie replied. He knew that they had no weapons, so he'd likely be left for dead, and Pancake would use the controls from relative safety behind a thick pipe.

He held up a hand to Pancake, and started counting down from 5. Stopping at 2 to give himself time to get ready, he then launched himself over the console. Alien weapons fire rained down to his right. Pancake had no idea that Jamie had sent his message to the console the aliens were at too. It had never been his intention, but Pancake took a shot to the chest from one of them, and collapsed half way to the controls.

Since Jamie had gone over the console and evaded the weapons fire, he was approaching his adversaries from the air. Their reactions were good, and they managed to raise their weapons in time to stab Jamie in the arm, but his momentum took the first one down. Wrenching the weapon from his hands, he fired it at the other one, then finished off the first. By this point, blood was almost pouring from his arm, but he turned to the console and typed a few things on it.

The Power grid came online again, and normal lighting returned.

"Holly. Those wraith things, get them back up and attacking the enemies." He called. While that happened, he vented the super-heated and very corrosive fuel from the backup tanks into space. The alien ship took a cloud of it to the flank, and started melting, but pulled away in time to prevent catastrophic damage.

"Holly, patch me through to wherever Cass and Jay are." He called.

"You're in luck. They're both together in the medical bay." Holly replied.

"Hey guys." He said to them as the internal communications came online. "I got the alien ship to back off, and the wraiths - whatever they are - are back online. They shouldn't be able to get any reinforcements onboard for a while."

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