Static Charges

"We have worm sign the likes of which even God has never seen!" roared Murdock as he leapt onto the back of the thrashing beast in a desperate attempt to fit in a reference he had wanted to do more than a year ago.

"What the hell..." muttered Cass as she watched a body attached to a bag cling on for dear life.

"He better not be his new replacement," Jay said, almost in a spit as the fourth wall was heavily pressed against.

"He is, isn't he?" Jade said, and all three of the, relatively, old timers shared a look, much to the confusion of the new comers of the Dwarfers.

"Yes, I know Jeb," Murdock said as the small mouse danced on his shoulder in a fury emitting sharp squeaks of frustration, "I should think before trying to ram in a pop-culture reference."

Murdock's bag swung around wildly, the contents threatening to spill over and tumble to the still packed promenade below and rain a torrent of miscellaneous items on the evacuating crew.

But what actually came loose from the fittings was a pair of spectacles. Murdock had tried to sell these as having belonged to King Christ of Man IV, famous for being only able to clearly see half an inch from his own face, to the local chaplaincy. It was, to his word, one of his few failures.

The glasses clattered on the mesh floor of the gantry, landing before the booted and panic-y feet of Joribel.

"Perfect!" cried Joribel, scooping down to pick up the thick lenses.

He aimed the laser through the glass, the red beam leaping from the pen's casing and striking the worm.

<Did it work? And if so, what's next? If not, then, well what's next? I guess parts of that was a bit redundant.>

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