On the Lighter - er - darker side...

<Snip>“Gerbil here upset it with a laser pointer” Jade said “It came back after us”
“And you came here!?” Tara's disbelief was almost a shriek.
“Well… It was on the way”
“No – Get out! Go and get eaten somewhere else”
Something heavy impacted on the other side of the medbay doors, buckling them in their frames...</snip>

<snip>A maw of jagged teeth chased a small band of crewmen across the metal walkway, one of them shouting a complaint about the nature of this dimension.
Murdock's attention snapped to full. If there were travellers from another Dimension, they might know the reason for the dimension lock down.
"Well, Jeb, looks like we've got some new friends to meet..."</snip>

Gerbil sighed and tried for what seemed like the dozenth time. "I've told you. It's been converted from a regular old laser pointer. Does no one know the power of light anymore?" The sound of the thudding against the door, and the ominous creaking and snapping of the frame and the door track interrupted the safety officer.

He whirled around, going pale, the metallic black 'H' on his forehead standing out in stark contrast to his skin. "Oh, Smeg! It's not going to hold." He didn't run to the back of the room, nor did he drop into a dead faint. Rather, the hard-light hologram straightened his uniform, hefted his clipboard, and began furiously writing on it in neat, cramped handwriting, while talking out loud "Really this ship's safety standards are so far below the regulations, it's a wonder anyone's alive! That garbage pod I lived in was built stronger than this piece of metallic shite."

Another thud and the door appeared about to bend. Gerbil looked up and around. "Well, who's the locale hero, then? I can only do so much with photons if I don't have something more powerful than a stupid laser pen to amplify the light! Really, you'd think this was a room full of baby schoolers with their lack of knowledge. Hello? Anyone understand English? I need a bigger projector with focusing mirrors so that I can fry this thing with a beam of seriously intensified light and heat!"

((Joribel is on the verge of panic - a beastie is between Murdock, Jeb and the rest of the crew stuck in the medbay, and there may still be hull breaches and aliens aboounding))

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