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Summary: A talented young doctor, who suffers with space sickness.

Dr. Miranda Holland

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Group: Medical Department




Medical Officer

Physical Appearance

Standing at 5' 4", Miranda has shoulder length brown hair, which is usually worn down or in a loose pony tail. She has blue eyes, which are sometimes frame by a thin pair of glasses. Slender, athletic build. Often look a little 'green around the gills' when on small transport craft.

Despite never having set foot on Earth, she carries a strong New York accent.

Personality and Interests

A lover of sport, Miranda can usually tell you the final score of any particular sporting event from the last 200 years, in particular ice hockey. Plays tennis, and other racquet sports regularly on the ships few remaining recreation decks.
She is also a lover of music, especially classical, (from Bach to Bieber). She also has a particular affinity for post-earth music, and soundtracks from musicals - which she often sings out loud when nervous.
Plays piano, and can't resist a chilli dog.

She can be quite a nervous woman, who often doesn't think before she speaks. Prone to saying the wrong thing, however, is generally an affable, friendly person.

Miranda, despite growing up on a space ship suffers with space-sickness which is all too clear when she is a passenger on a shuttle.

Astute and alert, she may be one of the few crew members who realises that Jay, Cass, Jade and the others may not quite be who they appear to be...


Born on the Blue Dwarf, 10 years after the destruction of the Earth, Miranda has known very little else. Before the cataclysm, her parents were well-to-do. Living in upper Manhattan, her father was a New York stockbroker and her mother a famous author.
Showing an early interest and aptitude for the biological sciences she was fast-tracked into the Blue Dwarfs medical program and earned a doctorate.
Holding both an MD and a PHD she works not only as a general practitioner in the medi-bay, but as a researcher as well, searching for cures to the many diseases that plague the remaining human refugees across the entire flotilla of ships that remain.

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Image of Dr. Miranda Holland
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