The Lobotomite

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"Poor pitiful smeggers....." Artemis said, joining the group. His hull covered in dried alien blood, bone, and tissue. "What have we forgotten about our visitors? Also, sorry for the mess, it's been a dreadful few hours and I haven't had time to clean up"

"Eugh, Pritchard" Cass remarked.

"Nice to see you too Ms. Jones, it's been far too long"

"What do you mean what have we forgotten?" Jay asked.

"The biometric/voice locks, you know, the ones that will lock the alien cruiser down? The same ones that'll self-destruct said cruiser and take the 'Dwarf with it if we try to bypass it?" Artemis looked around. "Anyone? Anyone at all? So I'm the only one that remembers? Hah! Seems about right"

"Alright genius, how do you propose getting past it?" Cass said, already irate.

Artemis whistled, a scarred and bruised Thoran entered the room. "Thoran, be a peach and say 'hello' to the nice people"

"Hello to the nice people" Thoran said with a zombie-like demeanor.

"I'm uh, still working out the bugs" Artemis said, patting his lobotomite on the shoulder.

"What did you do to him?! He looks like a bad puzzle!" Jade exclaimed, utterly disgusted by Artemis' handiwork.

"I lobotomized him! Stuck a bunch of control centers in his brain that are programmed to respond to my commands, or the commands of anyone with mine or my wife's RDNA. I'm hoping to use him as a lab assistant once we're done here, that arrogant prick Cadbury is an actual doctor in this universe, or something, won't listen to me anymore"

"Since when does a lobotomy require cutting up the entire body?"

"Funny story about that, once I crammed...err, inserted the control centers his brain went haywire and parts of his body started shutting down. So I had to replace them, lest I lose my zombie alien reptile butler. I possess degrees in robotics and xenobiology, I got to apply both in the same surgery, so I'm pretty proud of myself!"

"This...could work, actually" Jay said, examining Thoran. "His biometrics are the same, right?"

"Yes, I made sure of that. He's intact enough to fool the security system" Artemis patted Thoran on the back, Thoran in turn coughed up a syringe.

"He uh, might have resisted at first, I lost quite a few surgical implements in the surgery! Quite the fighter this one!" Artemis chirped. "Oh, that reminds me, Thoran, be a peach and hand me my gun"

Thoran handed Artemis his syringe gun.

"I also took the liberty of putting together a few syringe guns, if anyone is interested. I had the Missus modifiy this one with a pneumatic motor, capable of firing syringes in full auto"

"What syringes did you bring?" Jay asked.

"A fair mix between regular tranq's, poisons, and a fast-acting neuro-toxin I might have lifted from one of the labs. I mixed it with tranquilizer, it'll take them down quickly and kill them within seconds. Precise and quiet, just the way I like it" Artemis gave a horrific grin, admiring his own handiwork.

"So, where do we go from here?"


Artie brought some syringe guns for anyone that wants one, he only had time to make two more, so it's first come first serve.

We have our key into the ship, what else do we need before we go after them?

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