Bad Feeling

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“Look. I’ve told you before you can’t fly the shuttle!” Holly’s voice came over auto pilot as the ship sailed across the inky black void towards the silent Alien ship. Jay made a frustrated noise as the locked out controls refused to respond to his unlicensed command. Again.

“I don’t like this.” Cass said, pacing up and down in the Starbug’s midsection.

“Please… Sit down. Without a seatbelt you really are breaking several space Corps safety violations and…” Said Joribel, tailing off and shrinking back into the seat he was buckled into as Cass shot him a glare that would freeze over Hell.

“I have to admit that I agree with Cass.” Jade said, looking up from checking over the supplies bag she had snuck together from behind Tara’s back. Cass looked over at her quizzically, not having expected anyone to be as quick as herself.
“Well, I mean look at everyone here. We are all the rebels and the losers. The ones that at least one person wants to get rid of as we are a problem.” She gestured to the corner where Bruno was agitatedly watching his watch. Cass smirked, as Jade hit the nail of her own train of thought on the head.

“You don’t think that they’d... Sacrifice us do you?” Joribel asked nervously.
“Think of the paperwork!” He blanched at the thought.

“I think that they’d do anything to get hold of the weapons and armaments on that ship.” Cass growled.

“Look. Cass. Just because they think we are all useless doesn’t mean they will kill us. They need all the people they can save after…” Jay said, placing a hand on the small of Cass’ back trying to comfort her.

“Just because I’m paranoid. Doesn’t mean they aren’t all out to get me… This is bullshit.” She growled.

--- Thirty Minutes Ago ---

Jade passed the pack of medical supplies to Cass as she saw Major Harris entering the shuttle bay.

“I’ll only be a second.” Cass rolled her eyes and walked up the loading ramp, following the several tonnes of explosives that were being stashed in the cargo hold. Jade jogged over to Harris.

“Doctor Black.” He nodded in greeting, folding his arms and supervising the loading of the Shuttle he was due to board.

“Look… I know that… You’ll be seeing… Well… It’s going to be dangerous over there.” Jade started. Harris looked at her and frowned, his chiselled jaw setting in a mask of poker face.
“It’s just… You know…” Stupid words and their stupidness she thought, wondering why this was so hard to say.
“Look. Just be careful ok? I wouldn’t want anything to… I mean… It would be a shame if…” She blushed and turned away.
“I mean. You are a good officer, and it would be a shame if anything were to happen to you.” She finished. She didn’t wait for a reply, just hurried back to her own shuttle and boarded.

--- Thirty minutes later ---

Jade’s phone pinged. She picked it up and looked at the message that had been sent: ‘Wouldn’t want you to get hurt either. Remind Chrysler he has override codes - Harris.’

“Oh. Guys. We have a problem.” Artemis’ voice echoed from the cockpit almost as if on cue. Out of the viewport hundreds of drones could be seen exiting the Alien vessel. Laser weaponry arced out of the nearest and sliced into a Starbug headed for the Alien ship, its landing legs were cut clean off before it could manage evasive manoeuvres.

“Jay… You might want to use your security override codes now.” Jade said, pulling the buckles on her harness tighter.

“Smeg.” Said Jay, dashing for the pilot’s seat after face palming.


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