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Summary: A down on his luck loser who's main complaint is that he didn't die in childbirth.

Yeldarb Sirrah

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Engineering & Repair Crew




What's the worst possible job you could have on this ship? The one job where everyone laughs at you? Vending Machine Repair Man. It's a pointless job really but someone has to do it.

Physical Appearance

Brown hair, receding hairline, Fat stomach, unusually thin body, Brown eyes, unkept facial hair. Young looking, despite his age. Appearance around mid to low 20s.

Personality and Interests

Pessimistic - He's so used to having bad things happen to him that he simply doesn't care anymore, he's always expecting the worst in every situation and it usually ends up happening.

Selfish - After giving everything he is to people in order to help them, only to be crapped on his whole life, he's finally had enough of people and instead, uses a DTA (Don't trust anyone) attitude. This has caused him to turn from being generous to being selfish. If you can't trust people, you know that you can only trust one person, yourself!

Helpless - No matter what he does, No matter how much good he thinks he's doing, he always seems to find himself in situations where others need to help him out. People tend to get tired of this because he can be seen as useless, lazy, a good for nothing, etc. For the most part, they would be right.

Frank - Honesty is a top virtue for this guy and because of that, he is completely honest all the time. Not caring what you think, only caring that the truth is exposed in every situation.

Nasty - Sarcasm is pretty much the number one language that this guy speaks. He exposes people no matter how much it hurts them and the people around them. Being Nasty just comes with the territory.

Non Enthusiastic - Let's face it, he's a slacker. It's not like he doesn't want good things to come to him but he doesn't really like putting in the work to do it. If there's an easier job, he'll be volunteering for it.

Follows Rules - He can't stand seeing people breaking rules and then getting away with it, especially when he tries the same thing and gets caught every time. So he's a stickler for following rules and directives, even if it costs people's lives, he never breaks them.

Phobias: Spiders, Absolutely can't do spiders.

Watching Movies, Playing Guitar, Singing (badly), playing video games, eating vindaloo.


Hidden Secrets: He is completely honest and open most of the time, so he really has no secrets.

Parents always criticized him, saying he'd never be good enough for anything he ever did. He joined the space core to prove them wrong. So far, it hasn't been going like he planned and he's only been living up to his mother's words and predictions.

People ask him "Were you dropped on your head as a baby?" and the answer to that is "No, My mother bumped her stomach on the dash during pregnancy so the damage goes far beyond a simple drop."

Words like "I should've used a condom" and "Why didn't I get an abortion?" are phrases that still haunt this man today.

At the mere age of 6, he was told that he'd never amount to anything. So upon high school graduation, he joined the pace corp. 10 years in, and still no real promotion. This is simply because he's a prime example of a Smeghead. Look up Smeghead in the dictionary and you get this guy's ugly picture.

Favourite Sayings

"Out of all the silent parts of the galaxy, I had to be stuck working on this piece of junk."

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Image of Yeldarb Sirrah
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